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22) The double helix stranded DNA molecules held together at nucleotides by:
b. Hydrogen bonds
11) The anatomical position is characterized by all the following except
c) arms turned posteriorly
17) If an atom is described as being very electronegative, this means that
b. it has a great affinity of drawing power pore electrons
97) What is the first threat to life from a massive 3rd degree burn
b) Dehydration
3) Cornel plane through the head is
b) could pass through the ears
88) Although you get wet while swimming a tough protein within your skin prevents it from soaking up moisture like a sponge, the substance is
a. Keratin
6) Dorsal aspect of human body is also its
b) posterior surface
86) Sebacous glands are most important for
b) keeping the skin and hair flexible
4) In the negative feedback mechanism
a) the response of the effecter is to depress or end the original stimulus.
87)The skin acts as a biological barrier with the present of
a) Langerhans Cells
8) The position of the heart relative to the structures around it will be best described accurately by
a) Deep to sternum (breast bone)
92) Although the integument is a covering it is by no means simple, and some of its function include
b) Resistance macrophages- like cells function is to foreign invaders and present them to the immune system
1) The correct sequence of levels form the structural hierarchy is
d) atom, molecule, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, organism
93) Nutrients reach the surface of the skin (epidermis) through the process of
d) diffusing through tissue fluid from blood vessels to the dermis
7) A capillary is damaged, a platelet plug is form. The process involves platelets sticking to each other, more platelets that sick together the more plug attracts additional platelets. This is an example of
d) positive feedback
95) The epidermis consists of 5 layers of cells, each layer with a distinct role to plan the health and well being and functioning of the skin. Which of the following is responsible for cell division and replacement
d) Stratum gernunomtuium
2) Which of the ventral cavities subdivisions has no bony protection
b) abdominal cavity
85) The modified sweat gland which secrete ear wax is the
d) ceruminuous gland
5) A neuron surgeon orders a spinal tap for a point into what body cavity will the needle be inserted
c) Dorsal
82) Which of the following is true concerning oil production in the skin
b)the secretion is sebum
c) oil is usually ecreted into the hair follicle
d) more then one is correct
9) An anatomist will examine the structure of a body part. The physiologists will be concerned with its
d) function tissues
91)) The dermis
b) has two distinct layers
10) The structure that is composed of two or more tissues
c) organs
96) The papillary layer of the dermis is connective tissue heavily invested with blood vessels. The Superior surface has structures called
a) Dermal papillae
45) Phosphilipid
c) both hypophiloc and hypophobic in nature
89) Sweat is typically classified
a. acidic
48) Cholesterol is used to
a) stabilize the bilayer
83) Which of the following is a function of a skin
a) body temp control
b) production of Vit. D
c) protection from bacterial invasion
d) all of the above
60) An epithelial tissue that has several layers with a layer of flattened cells most superficial is called
e) a and c (sqamous and stratified)
94) The melanocytes and keratinocytes work together in protecting the skin from U.V damage because the rule of the kerainocytes is to
b) Accumulate the meleon graduals on their superficial portion forming a pigment that protects DNA and U.V radiation

33) All are examples of carbohydrates except

a. starch
b. cellulose
c. steroids
d. glycogen
c. steroids
90) A needle would pierce the epidermal layer of the forearm in which order
d) Corneium, granulosum, spinosum, basal
46) If you give a patient a hypotonic intervenes they most are what?
a) dehydrorated
84) This gland secretes organic molecules which results in body odor
b) Apocrine gland
18) When hydrogen peroxide is reacted with liver catalase, it can easily be determined that this reaction is an exergonic reaction because
a. it releases heat energy b. it releases gas in form of bubbles c. it causes the breakdown of the liver d. all of the above
41) Sodium and potassium pump results
d) establishes a electrochemical gradient à glucose and amino acids are co transported with sodium as its leaks back into the cell.
16) Energy contained in molecular bonds is
c. mechanical
24) If blood pH lowers below 7.35 it is an indication that:1. blood is becoming more acidic 2. blood is becoming more basic 3. more Hydrogen ions are present in the blood 4. less hydrogen bonds are present in the blood
1. blood is becoming more acidic 2. blood is becoming more basic 3. more Hydrogen ions are present in the blood 4. less hydrogen bonds are present in the blood
b. 1&3
28) a lipid used as the basis of vitamin D, sex hormones, and bile salts is
a) triglyceride
b) cholestrol
c) phospholipids
d) none of the above
b) Cholesterol
50) Which is not a type of epithelial tissue
a) cartilage
44) Now you place the fluid inside the cell model with a 20% sugar solution. The surrounding solution remains the same. What happens to the size of the cell?
B) continues to increase in size
26) A triglyceride fat consists of
a) a glycerol and 3 fatty acids
59) The cell type that transmit impulses necessary for communication is
d) neurons
31) the reverse of dehydration synthesis is

a. biosynthesis
b. biochemistry
c. hydrolysis
d. protolysis
c. hydrolysis
73) The production of excess pigments in the skin is stimulated
b) U.V Rays
40) Hormones enter cells through
e) Receptor mediated endocytosis
32) Liquid fats called oils contain
a. long carbon hydrogen chains linked by double covalent bonds
b. fat molecules lined up side by side
c. many glucose molecules
d. long H2O chains linked by single covalent bonds
a. long carbon hydrogen chains linked by double covalent bonds
42) Osmosis
e) all of the above
67) The tissue type, which arises from meschenyme, is
c) Connective tissue
61) The muscle of your face that you use to smile is
c) Skeletal
47) Plasma membrane protein is
b) Molecular transport through membrane
69) The shape of the external ear is maintained
b) elastic cartilage called
43) A cell model who has a selectively permeable membrane is places into a 10% sugar solution and the call increases in size. Name of solution is
b) hypotonic
30) Amino acids differ from each other by their
a. R group
b. Amino group
c. Carboxyl group
d. Peptide bonds
a. R group
52) The epithelial found where friction is greatest
b) Stratified sqaumous
75) Which of the following epithelial types is most numerous
a) Karatincytes
71) Which is true of muscle tissue
a) highly cellular and vascularlized
78) Melonocytes
a) a spider chaped cells in contact with cells of the basale
b) produces a substance incorporated by other cells
d) a and b are correct
36) Which of the following is the generator of membrane potential?
a. both potassium and sodium can leak
25) Which property of water helps us maintain temperature homeostasis?
1. universal solvent 2. reactivity 3. high heat capacity 4. high heat of vaporization
c. 3&4
62) Propels substances through organ by alternatively contracting and relaxing, a example is moving through digestive cells
a) Smooth muscle
49) Which of the following terms could not be applied to epithelial tissue
d) strong matrix
64) Epithelial tissue
c) has an basement membrane
65) Which statement best describes connective tissue
a) Usually contains large amounts of matrix
20) four elements account for 96% of our body weight which 4 are they?
b. H, N, O, C
21) Nerve impulses are controlled by:
c. electrical energy
23) Catabolic reaction refer to:
a. reaction in which bonds are broken b. decomposition c. reaction which usually release hear d. all of the above
56) The muscle tissue is multinucleated, striated and voluntary is
b) Skeletal
29) A hydrocarbon chain made up of only single bonds is:
a. polysaturated
b. unsaturated
c. saturated
c. saturated
A chemical has an amino acid group and carboxyl group. It does NOT however have any peptide bonds. its a..

a) monosaccharide
b) amino acid
c) protein
d) lipid
b)amino acid
57) Which of the following terms describe cardiac muscle
d) All of the above (striated/ intercalated discs/ branching)
76) Which of the following is not a tissue type found in the skin
b) Ciliated columnar
15) Energy:
b. does work
13) Factors that accelerate the rate of reaction include all but
c. decreasing temperature
55) The polarity of the epithelial tissue means
b) They have free surface
37) A red blood cell placed into pure water will
d) swell and burst
) The sensation of temperature and pressure are picked up by receptors located in
b) stratum basal
12) Molecules formed when electrons shared unequally are
b. polar molecules
35) sustained fevers of 104 F has the potential to cause extreme cellular damage and even death. This is because:
1. phospholipids begin to separate from cell membranes
2. tertiary and quaternary structures begin to fall apart
3. hydrogen bonds within protein molecules start to break apart
4. hydrogen bonds within DNA molecules begin to break
a. 1, 2 b. 2,3 c.2,3,4 d. 3,4
b. 2,3
39) Which of the following is considered active transport
b) Solute pump
70) The inability to absorb digested nutrients and secret mucus might indicated a disorder in which tissue
d) simple columnar
34) A molecule shaped like a double helix is typical of
a. DNA
b. RNA
c. Lipids
d. Proteins
a. DNA
72) The accessory components of the skin include all of the following except
d) endocrine glands
66) Matrix is
b) Fibers and ground substances
53) Which of the following terms described flat/scaled like cells that permit substances to pass through readily
a) sqaumous
38) What will happen to the same cell is placed in hypertonic solution with a solute that is impermeable.
b) The cells will lose water and shrink
58) The type of connective tissue that stores fuel is
b) Adipose
19) In exchange reaction:
a. synthesis occur b. decomposition occur c. compound: rearrange molecular partners d. all of the above
77) Fingerprints are caused by
a) genetically determined arrangements of the dermal papillae
79) which of the following is true about skin color
d) reddish skin tone is due to increased blood flow to the area
63) Acts as a transport vehicle for the respiratory system carrying nutrients, wastes, and respiratory gases
b) Blood
80) Concerning hair movement
a) movment is the function of the arrector pilli
b) muscle contraction promoted by fright
d) a and b are correct
81) Water and _______ are main component of sweat
a) salt
14) A chemical reaction in which bonds are broken are associated with
a. release of energy
54) connective tissue contains
d) more then one is correct( cells/ fibers/ fluid)
51) In which of the following tissue types would you expect to find goblet cells
b) simple columnar
68) The fiber type which gives connective tissue great tensile strength
c) Collagen fibers