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what is the carotid sheath?
deep fascia
what is contained in the carotid sheath?
common carotid artery, vagus nerve, internal jugular vein
location of subclavian artery
arches into neck above first rib, between anterior scalene and middle scalene muscles
brachial plexus roots
C5-C8, T1; ventral (anterior) ramus
nerves from brachial plexus to parts of neck
dorsal scapular nerve, suprascapular nerve, nerve to subclavius
where do nerves of brachial plexus emerge from?
between anterior and middle scalene muscles
emerge from thyrocervical trunk
transverse cervical artery and suprascapular artery; then turns into inferior thyroid artery and gives off ascending cervical artery
location of transverse cervical artery
crosses neck superior to inferior belly of omohyoid muscle
what does thyrocervical trunk terminate as?
inferior thyroid artery
what does the inferior thyroid artery supply?
thyroid gland
what branches off of the inferior thyroid artery?
ascending cervical artery
where does vertebral artery disappear into?
transverse foramen of C6 vertebra
where does vertebral vein emerge from?
transverse foramen of C7 vertebra
phrenic nerve roots
phrenic nerve location
exclusively along anterior scalene muscle, deep to branches of thyrocervical trunk
location of ansa cervicalis
not in carotid sheath, lies superficial to carotid sheath
vagus nerve is which cranial nerve?
location of vagus nerve
between common carotid artery and internal jugular vein, and deep to them
carotid sheath - order of contents (lateral to medial)
vein, nerve, artery; nerve is deep to vein and artery
location of cervical sympathetic trunk and ganglia
deep and medial to carotid sheath