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baby vomits milk when fed and has gastric air bubble

what kind of fistula?
blind esophagus w/ lower segment of esophagus attached to trachea
decreased plantar flextion and decreased sensation over back of thigh, calf, and later 1/2 of foot

what spinal nerve is involved?
tibial (L4-S3)
decreased pain and temp sensation over lateral apects of both arms

what is the lesion?
penlight in right eye -> bilateral constriction - penlight in left eye -> paradoxical bilateral dilation

what is the defect?
atrophy of left optic nerve
decreased prick sensation on later aspect of leg and foot

what other defect is expected and what nerve is it?
dorsiflexion and eversion of foot (common peroneal nerve)
old person w/ arthritis and tingling over later digits of right hand

carpal tunnel syndrome, median nerve compression
cannot turn head to left and has right shoulder droop

what structure is damaged?
right CN XI (gets trapezius and SCM) - runs through jugular foramen w/ 9 and 10
one, wild flailing arm

where is the lestion?
contralateral subthalamic nucleus (hemiballismus)
woman in 3rd trimester has normal BP when sitting and standing - when supine, it drops to 90/50

compression of the IVC
kicked in leg - suffers damage to medial meniscus

what else is probably damaged?
ACL (the unhappy triad)
shoulder dislocated anteriorly

what nerve is probably damaged?
axillary nerve (C5,C6)
patient w/ cortical lesion does not know he has a disease

wher is the lestion
right parietal lobe
child has cleft lip

what embryology has failed?
fusion of maxillary and medial nasal proceses
pt cannot protrude tounge to left nad has a right sided spastic paralysis

where is the lestion?
left medulla, CN 7
someone falls on elbow and cant feel medial part of palm

what nerve and what injury
ulnar nerve due to broken medial condyle
male w/ testicular cancer

metastatic spread by what route?
para-aortic lymph nodes (recall development of testes during development
w-ray shows midshaft break of humerus

what nerve and artery are likely to be damaged?
radial nerve and deep brachial artery (they run togehter)
patient cannot blink right eye or seal his lips and has mild ptois on the right side

what diagnosis and what nerve is affected?
Bell's palsy - CN 7
pain, numbness and tingling and tingling sensation - has wasting of thenar eminance

diagnosis and nerve?
carpal tunnel syndrome - median nerve