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There are four types of dense connect ive tissue?
False- Only three
has no blood supply and no nerve supply?
a loose connective tissue specialized for triglyceride storage?
Adipose tissue
Tissue that contains reticular fibers and reticular cells and forms the stroma of certain organs such as the spleen?
reticular connective tissue
tissue with irregularly arranged collagen fibers found in the dermis of the skin?
dense irregular connective tissue
-also found on the periosteum
tissue that provides strength and rigidity and is the strongest of the three cartilage?
tissue that forms the internal framework of the body and works with the skeletal muscle to generate movement?
bone (osseous tissue)
This tissue forms tendons (attach muscle to bone) most ligaments (attach bone to bone) and aponeuroses (sheetlike tendons that attach muscle to muscle or to bone)?
Dense regular connective tissue
-provide strong attachment b/t various structures.
This type of tissue can be found on the pericardium (around the heart) and the periosteum (membranes surrounding bone)?
Dense irregular connective tissue
This type of connective tisse can recoil to original shape, allows stretching of various organs and is located on the vocal chords?
elastic connective tissue.
tissue that affords flexibility at joints and reduces joint friction?
hyaline cartilage
the tissue in which all other connective tissues eventually arise?
connective tiisue consisting of several kinds of cells, containing all three fiber types randomly arranged, and found in the subcutaneous layer of the skin?
areolar connective tissue
bundles of collagen arranged in parallel patterns; compose tendons and ligaments?
dense regular connective tissue