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Malformation of the urethral groove and urethral canal, resulting in abnormal opening on the dorsal side of penis.
Epispadias. Associated w/ malformations of urinary tract.
Procedure preformed in event that tearing of perineum is inevitable during childbirth, by surgical incision in perineum to in large vaginal orifice.
Sac-like outpouchings of colon through muscular wall into the mesentery.
May cause bouts of constipation and diarrhea.
Common condition interfering w/ parturition. Separation of L5 Vert. into 2 pieces, with ant. piece displaced to reduce anter- oposterior diameter of pelvic aperture.
Defect in vert arch btw inf. and sup. facets.
Most common cause of enlargment of scrotal sac. Differntiated from ominous testicular tumors by transillumination of scrotum.
Fluid filled submucosal mass btw layers of broad ligament along lateral wall of uterus and vagina. Develops from remnants of mesonephric ducts during embryogenesis.
Gartner's duct cyst.
Surgical method in which ductus deferens is ligated or excised.
Results from dilated & tortuous pampiniform plexus of veins of spermatic cord. Creates "bag of worms" appearance of scrotum.
More on Lft side. by blood blockage via testicular vein by malignant tumor of lft kidney.
Injury results in urine escaping into superficial perineal space, inf to scrotum, and sup into ant ab wall.
Rupture of spongy urethra. (straddle injury)eg. falling off a seat of a bicycle.
Twisting of spermatic cord, w/ compromise of venous return as blood accums as a result of the thicker-walled artery remaining patent.
Testicular torsion.
(incomplete testicular descent, Gubernaculum testes)
Div of autonomic Nervous system that stimulates contraction of smooth ms, which then move sperm & grandular secretions that contribute to formation of semen into urethra for ejaculation.
Sympathetic- Shoots
Parasympathetic- Point muscles
Damage to or weakening of pubococcygeus muscle & pelvic fascia during parturition w/ herniation of urinary bladder into vagina.
(results in urinary incontinence)
Herniation of one wall of intestine, usually antimesenteric border through hernial defect(femoral, inguinal or umbilical hernia)
Richter's hernia
(does not involve obstruction)
Abnormal inelastic prepuce, which does not allow refraction of foreskin over glans penis.
Implantation of placenta in the lower uterine segments or cervix, often associated w/ scars from previous cesareans
Placenta previa
Nerve anesthetized by local never block to relieve pain of childbirth because it provides both motor and sensory innervation to perineal region.
Pudendal N.
(via sacrospinous ligaments near ischial tuberosity)
Div of autonomic n system that causes vasodilation of brchs. of internal pudendal art, resulting in vascular engorgement of corpus cavernosa & corpus spongiosum, in turn, penile erection.
Parasympathetic N. Sys. (2nd-4th sacral segs.) Contract bulbospongiosus, ischiocavernous muscles compress venous plexus, blood trapped in spongy tissues, erection.
Para - point.
Symp - shoot.
Non painful varicosities of superior rectal veins.
Internal hemorrhoids.
Removal of the female uterus
Malformation of urethral groove and canal, resulting in abnormal opening on ventral side of penis
(more common the epispadias)
Congenital anomaly resulting in incomplete descent of testes into scrotum.
Type of bony pelvis possessed by large % of females. Characterized by wide transverse outlet that usually allows uneventful delivery of fetus.
(android in male)
Defect in development of female reproductive tract that results from incomplete fusion of sup portions of paramesonephric ducts & associated w/other urinary tract anomalies & infertility.
Bicornate uterus.
Condition causes difficulties in urination b/c of impingement on the urethra.
Benign prostatic hyperplasia
Painful varicosities of branches of the inf rectal veins.
External hemorrhoids
(lie below pectinate line, innv by somatic ns. so they transmit pain.)