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characteristic: cells near the apical surface are different than those that are attached
polarity (ET)
unstructured material that fills the space in between cells and fibers
ground substance
characteristic: forms continuous sheets; many tight jxns and desmosomes
specialized contacts
produces the matrix and fibers surrounding them
cells in tissue
kind of tissue made of sheets of cells
accessory cells
- wbc
- plasma cells
- fat cells
- mast cells
- macrophages
characteristic: supplied by nerve fibers but lacks blood vessels
innervated but avascular (ET)
all have degrees of ---?
characteristic: acts to filter substances and for reinforcement
basement membrane
function of C.T.?
- boundary
- support
- protection
- insulation
- transportation
characteristic: composed of almost entirely closely packed cells
5 types of C.T.
- embryonic
- connective tissue proper
- cartilage
- bone
- blood
provides support; part of matrix
each tissue has a fundamental --- type
made of interstitial fluid, cell adhesion proteins, proteoglycans (sp?) - stiffeners
ground substance
main fxn: hold fluid, ct like a molecular sieve
ground substance
stretchy fibers
elastic fibers
extremely tough, provides tensile strength
collagen fibers