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Simple Squamous Epithelium cell characterisics? 4
1.nucleus is centally located
2.cell membrane is very thin
3.cells filled with cytoplasm
4.a light blue stain face view/pink&purple edge view
Where are the locations of simple squamous epithelium and what is its function?
1.capillary walls, alveoli, covering visceral organs, linding body cavities.
2.diffusion and filtration
Simple cuboidal epithelium are characterized by? 2
1.cells are as long as they are tall as deep.
2. blue green colour
Where are simple cuboidal epithelium tissues located? 3
1.lining kidney tubules
2.salivary ducts
3.pancreatic ducts
What is simple cuboidal epitheliums purpose? 3
What are simple columnar epithelium characteristics? 4
1.single layer "deep"
2.not as wide as tall
3.darkly stained nuclei (purple)
4.cell membrane is very thin
Where are simple columnar epithelium located? 1
lining most of digestive tract
What are simple columnar epitheliums functions? 3
What are 2 characteristics of psueudostratified cilliated columnar epithelium?
1.Nuclei is varied, giving appearance of striation
2.presence of cilia
Where are pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium located and what is its function?
1.repiratory system
2.used to trap and move pollutants to the mouth, where they may be swallowed
Stratified squamou epithelium is also known as what?

What is its function?

2.mouth, anus, vagina, anal canal
What are two defining characteristics of stratified squamous epithelium?
1.stratum basale
2.straum corneum