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what do chief cells produce?
what makes pepsinogen activate to pepsin (2)?
HCL in the stomach 2 pepsin itself via a positive feedback mechanism
which cells secrete gastrin, histamine, endorphins, serotonin, cholectystokinin (CCK) , and somatosin into the lamina propria
enteroendocrine cells
what are the functions of the stomach?
1, holds ingested food 2. degrades this food both physically and chemically 3 delivers chyme to the small intestine 4 enzymatically digests protein w/ pepsin 5 secretes intrinsic factor required for absorption of batamen B12
HCL secretion is stimulated by Ach, histamine, gastrin thru what?
second messenger system
the release if hydrochloric acid is low if...
only one ligand bings to parietal cells
the release of hydrochloric acid is high if..
all 3 ligands bind to parietal cells
block h2 receptors and decrease the immune response
what is the basic electircalmythm (persistalic waves) initiated by?
pace maker cells
where does the most vigurous peristalsis and mixing occur?
by the pyloris
chyme is either:
delivered in small amounts to the duodenum 2 forced backward to the stomach for further mixing
what causes food to remain in the stomach longer?
what funs from the pyloric sphincter to the illicecal valve?
emall intestine
what are the 3 subdivisions of the small intestine?
duotemum, jejunum, andileum
where does the bile duct and the main pancreatic duct join the duodenum?
hepatopan creatic ampulla