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All parasympathetic fibers release?
Postsynaptic membrane receptors
Muscarinic and Nicotinic
Location of the Muscarinic receptor
Located at Cholinergic NMG Junction in the parasympathetic
Locatin of the Nicotinic receptor
Located on surface of ganglion cells of both sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions, and NMJ of somatic N.S. Excitatory
Adrenergic neurons release?
Noreprenepherin from postganglinic smypathetic neurons only
Adrenergic neurons are excitatory or inhibitory depending on?
Alpha and Beta Receptors
Alpha 1 and Beta 1 receptors produce?
Alpha 2 and Beta 2 receptors produce?
Beta 3(brown fat) receptors produces?
Most body organs recieve?
Duel Innervation (Innervation by both sympathetic and parasympathetic)
Balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic activity levels is regulated by?
Organs with only sympathetic innervation?
Sweat glands, adrenal medulla, arrector pilli and many blood vessels
Sympathetic responses are long lasting due to?
Lingering Norepinepherine in synaptic gap and the release of NE by adrenal glands
Sympathetic Neurotransmitters
ACh (Cholinergenic) or NE(Adrenergic) at specific locations. E and NE into circulation
Most postganglionic fibers are?
NE stimulates _ receptors more than _ receptors?
Alpha receptors more than beta Receptors
E stimulates
Alpha and Beta
Sympathetic Ganglionic neurons end in the?
Components of the Autonimic refled arc
Sensory Receptor, Sensory Neuron, Integrating center, Pre and Post Ganglionic motor neurons and Visceral Effector
Limbic system and Thalamus?
Emotions and sensory input
Sympathetic and Parasympathetic HQ
Higher Level of Respiratory Control
Medulla Oblongata
Processing center for complex Visceral Reflexes
The simplest function of the ANS?
Visceral reflex Arc
Long (Interneurons)
Short (Bypasses CNS)
Respiration, Cardio Function and other visceral activities are governed by?
Parasympathetic Reflexes
We are not aware of Autonomic responses because?
control center is in lower regions of the brain
Major control center of ANS?
When blood flow is needed?
(Stimulation of Single Innervation)
NE rate is decreased and sympathetic cholinergic fibers are stimulated. REsults in relaxation of smooth muscle cells and blood flow increases
Functions performed by the cerebral cortex and involve complex interactions?
Higher order Functions
Also Ch 16
Also CH 16