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Functin of the Respiratory System
Exchange of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide btwn. body and environment
Components of Respiratory Process
1. Ventilation (Breathing)
2. External Resp.
3. Internal Resp.
4. True(Cellular) Resp.
Ventilation (Breathing)
physical movement of air into and out of the lungs
External Resp.
exchange of gases between the lungs and the blood
Internal Resp.
exchange of gases btwn. the blood and the cells of the body
True(Cellular) Resp.
Metabolic (energy producing) processes that take place within the cells
Structure of the Resp. System
1. Nose
2. Nasal cavity
3. Pharynx
4. Larynx
5. Trachea
6. Bronchus(Bronchi)
7. Alveoli
8. Lungs