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Splenic v. and superior mesenteric v. unite at the _______ vertebral level
Tributaries to portal v.
R and L gastric (drain lesser curvature of stomach)
Cystic v (gallbladder)
Para-umbilical v. (anterior abdominal wall)
Tributaries to Splenic v.
Short gastric v.
Left gastro-omental v
Pancreatic v.
Inferior mesenteric v.
Superior mesenteric v. tributaries
what does it drain?
1. r. gastro omental
2. ant./posterior inferior duodenal v
drains sm. intestine, cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon
Inferior mesenteric v. tributaries
what does it drain?
1. sigmoid v.
2. L colic v.
rectum, sigmoid colon, descending colon, splenic flexure
Hepatic cirrhosis
widespread hepatic fibrosis and interspersed nodular regeneration
complex causation - toxins ...alcohol
bilary obstruction, vascular outlet obstruction, nutrition
Sympt: increased portal v. pressure, splenic enlargement
Portosystemic Anastomosis
Result of the problem
reduced blood flow to portal system
collateral flow to Gastroesophageal junction - esophageal varices
Anus - hemorrhoids
Anterior abdominal wall - caput madusae
Scarpa's fascia gives rise to what in the penis?
Can scarpa's be sutured
fundiform ligament
Camper's fascia
What is contained within?
veins for anterior abdominal wall
Caput Madusae
who typically are affected?
what happens?
Alcoholics and cancer pt.s
Portal venous system or IVC is blocked. Return flow takes Superficial epigastric v. through campers fascia to return to heart
Superficial fascia
what are the 2 layers?
Fatty Layer - Camper's fascia - contains superficial vv.
Membranous Layer - Scarpa's
where does scarpa's fascia attach?
continuous with darto's of scrotum and penile fascia
tightly adherent to fascia lata below inguinal ligament
Urinary extravasation
What acts as a blockade to urine?
Damage to urethra causes urine to flow outside of urethra.
urine is blocked from entering anosacral region by scarpa's fascia (named Colle's fascia in perineum)
able to enter into scrotum and penis
what differs in the two types of splanchnic nerve?
differences is determined by type of visceral efferent fiber they carry (motor fiber to organ)
what is carried in all of these regions: thoracic, lumbar, and sacral splanchnic n.?
all carry preganglionic SYMPATHETIC fibers
where are preganglionic sympathetic fibers communicating?
from sympathetic trunk to ganglia in prevertebral plexus
What do pelvic splanchnic nerves carry?
Preganglionic PARASYMPATHETIC fibers
(parasympathetic root)
Where do pelvic splanchnic nn. communicate?
from S2 - S4 nerves to extension of prevertebral plexus in pelvis
(inferior hypogastric or pelvic plexus)
Greater Splanchnic n
supply to celiac ganglion
Lesser Splanchnic n.
T10 and 11
supply to aorticorenal ganglion
Least splanchnic n
supply to renal plexus
Thoracic Splanchnic n. all supply ganglion where?
Abdominal Aortic region
are the fibers reaching the inferior hypogastric plexus sympathetic fibers? Where do these fibers come from?
parasympathetic fibers from S2- S4 spinal n.
perinephric fat
perirenal fat - extraperitoneal fat - completely surrounds kidney
continues into hilum and sinus and surrounds structures
parAnephric fat
final layer of fat
posterior and posterolateral kidneys
does per-I-nephric fat surround supra renal glands?
a thin septum divides the suprarenal gland from kidney
L kidney location
as high as Rib XI to LIII/ IV disk
R kidney location
reaches as high as Rib XII to LIII/ IV disk
Location of Hila of kidneys
b/t L3/4 vert
ureters @ same level
Location of spleen - vert. level
Ribs 9 to 11