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What is the esophagus's arterial supply?
Left Gastric a. (from celiac trunk) and left inferior phrenic a.
What is the esophagus's venous drainage?
Abdomen: left gastric v.(drain to the portal system)
Thoracic: esophageal v. (drains to systemic venous)
What is the esophagus's Lymph drainage?
Left gastric lymph nodes that drain to the celiac lymph nodes
What is the nerve innervation of the esophagus?
Vagal trunks, thoracic sympathetic trunk, greater splanchnic nerves, periarterial plexus
What are the 3 main branches of the abdominal aorta?
- Celiac Trunk
- Superior mesenteric a.
- Inferior mesenteric a.
What is located in the peritoneal cavity?
Fluid, leukocytes, antibodies, and no organs
Remember how thick it is.
What is the stomach's main function?
Enzymatic digestion
What is the name of the semiliquid substance that exits the stomach?
Name the four parts of the stomach.
- Cardia: opening
- fundus: dilater superior portion (5th intercostal space)
- body: major part of the stomach
- pyloric part: funnel shaped part
Name the 2 curvatures of the stomach.
Greater: long convex border
Lesser: shorter concave border that contains the Angular Incisure.
What structures form the stomach bed?
- left dome of the diaphragm
- spleen
- left kidney and suprarenal gland
- splenic artery
- pancreas
- transverse mesocolon
- colon
What arteries anastomose around the lesser curvature?
rt. and
What arteries anastomose around the lesser curvature?
rt. and l. gastric aa.
What arteries anasomose around the greater curvature?
rt. and l. gastro-omental aa.
What is the blood supply for the fundus and under side of the stomach?
short and posterior gastric aa.
Stomach venous drainage
l. and rt. gastric veins > portal vein
short and l. gastro-omental vein > splenic vein > superior mesenteric vein(SMV) > portal vein
rt. gastro-omental vein (usually) > SMV
Gastric Lymphatic Vessels
gastic and gastro-omental lymph nodes> pancreaticosplenic, pyloric, and pancreaticoduodenal lymph nodes> celiac lymph nodes
What does the stomach's para-sympathetic nerve supply come from?
ant. vagal trunk (mainly from the left vagus nerve) and posterior vagal trunk (mainly rt. vagus)
What does the stomach's sympathetic nerve supply come from?
T6-T9 segments of the spinal cord which passes to the Celiac Plexus.
What is the largest internal organ and gland in the body?
what substance in the only one absorbed by the alimentary canal the liver doesn't receive first?
The falciform ligament seperates what spaces?
rt. and l. subphrenic spaces