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What supplies blood to the face?
The facial artery
What does the facial artery branch from?
The external carotid artery
What does the Facial artery anastomose with in the upper face?
Opthalmic artery
What 3 branches of the Facial artery supply the scalp?
-Posterior auricular
-Superficial temporal
So what is the main branch off the aorta to supply the right upper body?
Brachiocephalic trunk
What does the brachiocephalic trunk branch into?
-Common carotid
What is the first branch off the subclavian?
Vertebral artery
What branches off the subclavian after the vertebral artery?
What does the thyrocervical trunk split into?
-Transverse cervical
-Inferior thyroid
What additional artery branches off the inferior thyroid artery?
The Ascending Cervical Artery
The common carotid artery branches into:
What is the mnemonic for the ascending branches of the EXTERNAL carotid artery?
Some aggressive lovers find odd positions more stimulating
Where is the origin of the buccinator muscle?
Pterygomandibular raphe
What artery supplies blood to the face?
Facial artery
How does the facial artery get to the facial muscles?
-Branches off Ext Carotid
-Passes deep to Submandib Gland
-Crosses Mandible in front of attachment of Masseter muscle
Where does the Facial artery end?
In anastomosis with the OPTHALMIC artery at the MEDIAL corner of the eye
What branch of the facial artery supplies the vestibule of the nose?
Superior Labial artery
What 3 branches of ECA supply the SCALP?
-Superficial temporal
-Posterior auricular
What branch of the Superficial Temporal Artery courses through the face parallel to the parotid duct?
Transverse facial artery
Mnemonic for branches of the External Carotid artery?
Some aggressive lovers find odd positions more stimulating
What are the branches of the External Carotid artery?
-Superior thyroid
-Ascending pharyngeal
-Posterior auricular
-Superficial temporal
What do the Superficial Temporal and Maxillary VEINS join to form?
Retromandibular vein
What does the Retromandibular vein join up with and drain into?
Facial vein - drains into IJV
What does the connection between the Facial vein and Orbital veinous plexus give potential for?
Spread of infection into the cavernous sinus
What gives sensory innervation to the face?
Sensory branches of CN V
What are the 4 branches of the OPHTHALMIC nerve from lateral to medial?
What are the 3 branches of V2, the Maxillary division?
What are the 3 sensory branches of V3, the mandibular division?
How does the Facial nerve get to the face?
-Emerges from stylomastoid foramen
-Lies within PAROTID gland
What is the function of CN 7?
Motor movement of muscles of facial expression
What 2 muscles are innervated by Temporal branch of CN7?
-Orbicularis oculi
What else innervates orbicularis oculi?
Zygomatic branch
What 2 spcf muscles are innervated by the Buccal branch?
-Orbicularis oris
What branch innervates Platysma?
What is the Superior vs Inferior boundary of the nose?
Superior - cribiform plate
Inferior - hard palate
What bone is the cribiform plate in?
What is the opening of the nasal cavity at the oropharynx called?
What 2 bones make up the nasal septum?
-Perpendicular plate of ethmoid
What is the function of the turbinates?
-Increased surface area
What are the 3 main functions of the nose?
-Warm air
-Humidify air
-Clean air
What are the spaces between the conchae and the lateral nasal wall?
What is the bulge in the lateral wall of the middle meatus called and why is it there?
Ethmoid bullus - created by presence of ethmoidal air cells
What groove creates the inferior boundary of the bulla ethmoidalis?
Hiatus semilunaris
What type of mucosal lining is in the nose?
Ciliated columnar epithelium
Where else does this mucosal lining extend?
Into the paranasal sinuses
Why is there ciliated columnar epithelium in the sinuses?
To carry sinus secretions to the nose
Where does the Frontal sinus drain via what hole?
To the anterior hiatus semilunaris via the Infundibulum
So what meatus does the Frontal sinus drain into?
Middle meatus
What 3 other sinuses drain into the hiatus semilunaris with the Frontal?
-Anterior/Middle Ethmoidal sinuses
Where do the POSTERIOR ethmoidal sinus cells drain?
Where does the Sphenoid sinus drain?
Sphenoethmoidal recess
What drains into the INFERIOR meatus?
Nasolacrimal duct!
What gives sensory innervation to the roof and midline anterior nose?
Ophtalmic V1 branches
What gives sensory innervation to the lateral nose?
V2 - Maxillary division
What is the main blood supply to the nasal cavity?
Sphenopalatine Artery - branch of the Maxillary artery
How does the Sphenopalatine artery get TO the nose?
Pterygopalatine fossa
What artery supplies the VESTIBULE of the nose?
Nasolabial branches of the FACIAL artery
What artery supplies the ROOF of the nose?
Opthalmic branch of ICA
What are 3 important structures that lie within the substance of the PAROTID gland?
-Facial nerve
-Terminal branches of Ext Carotid (superficial temporal/maxillary aa)
-Retromandibular vein (Maxillary and Superficial Temporal vein join together)
Where does the Submandibular gland lie within the neck?
-Digastric triangle, below the Mylohyoid muscle
What supplies secretomotor innervation to the PAROTID gland?
Glossopharyngeal CN 9
Where is the originating nucleus for CN 9 preganglionic PNS fibers?
INFerior salivary nucleus
Where do the preganglionic fibers of CN 9 course to get to the ganglion? Which ganglion?
Lesser superficial petrosal nerve to
Otic ganglion
What nerve carries the POSTganglionic secretomotor fibers to the parotid gland?
Auriculotemporal branches of V3
What are the boundaries of the oral cavity?
Superior: Palate
Inferior: Mylohyoid muscle
Sides: Buccinator muscles
Behind: Palatoglossal arches
What is the space btwn the Cheek and Teeth called?
Oral Vestibule
What is the Soft palate formed by?
What are the 4 soft palate muscles?
-Levator veli palatini
-Musculus uvulae
What is the main blood supply to the palate?
Ascending palatine arteries, branches of the Facial artery
What other artery has a palatine branch?
Maxillary artery
How do the Ascending palatine arteries and the palatine branch of maxillary artery get to the palate?
Via the pterygopalatine fossa
Why does the tongue have a differential innervation?
It develops from different origin tissues!