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What is the PNS and what does it consist of?
peripheral nervous system
nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.
Two branches of the PNS
Skeletal and autonomic
What kind of system is the skeletal branch of the PNS?
Motor and voluntary
What kind of system is the autonomic brancy of the PNS?
motor AND sensory and NOT voluntary
Two branches of the autonomic system
Sympathetic and the parasympathetic
What does the sympathetic branch of the autonomic system do?
Prepares the body for "fight or flight."
What does the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic system do?
Takes care of the vegetative functions of the body.This branch is in effect ALL the time.
Two kinds of peripheral nerves:
Spinal and cranial
Spinal nerves: How many pairs and where do they exit?
31 pairs
Exit @ the thoracic and lumbar levels
Cranial nerves: How many pairs and where do they exit?
12 pairs
Exit under the brain
Name the cranial nerves and what they pertain to
Refer to notes. I don't feel like typing them on this damn study guide.
Name four plexuses
brachial, solar, lumbar, sacral
Where is the brachial plexus located?
Mass of nerves around the shoulder area
Four important nerves of the brachial plexus:
Axillary, median, ulnar, radial
Injury to the radial nerve
"Wrist drop"
What nerve is injured in carpal tunnel?
median nerve
What nerve wraps around the humorus?
axillary nerve
What nerve is hurt when you hit your "funny bone"?
ulnar nerve
another name for the solar plexus
celiac plexus
Where is the lumbar plexus?
in the L1-L3 area. Nerves go down the leg.
Where is the sacral plexus?
What is the largest nerve in the body?
Sciatic nerve
What kind of saw is used in a craniatomy?
gigli saw
What is the process of cutting into the skull called?
Structure around the medulla oblangata and its function
pons; relay station for nerves coming down from the brain.
Two divisions of mental dysfunction
psychoses and neuroses
Definition of psychosis and some kinds of psychoses
The person experiences a severe break with reality. Schizophrenics, cleptomaniacs, pyromaniacs.
Definition of nerosis and some kinds of neuroses
No break with reality, but something impairs their ability to live a good life. Obsessive-compulsive disorder
the inability of a person to control their thoughts
Two types of manias:
Obsessive and compulsive
Obsession with a single idea
delusions of grandeur; think they are important
Acrophobia, agoraphobia, hydrophobia, brontophobia, ailurophobia, nyctophobia, claustrophobia, scotoophobia--- define
fear of: heights, open places, water, thunder, cats, night, closed spaces, darkness
Kind of conversion. Person cannot deal with the situation anymore.
shell shock
hostile thoughts and emotions towards an innocent target.
Person who has numerous surgeries without a real reason for them
forbidden thoughts or desires are converted into their opposite
reaction formation/sublimation
process by which one offers a reason which is not the true reason.
Freud invented:
Three types of psychoanalysis
id, ego, super ego
Define the three elements of the psychanalyzation technique
Id - primitive urges and drives
Ego - Wants to satisfy what the id wants
Super ego - The conscience
If id was too strong and ego was too weak, the person would experience anxiety. This is called:
Ego weakness
Keeps threatening thoughts from entering consciousness.
Medical term for sleep walking. Disregard earlier spelling.
Aspects of schizophrenia and an "AKA" for one of them.
Visual/auditory hallucinations - instruct the person to hurt themselves or others.
Speech disorders - "lalias"
Three kinds of "lalias"
glossolalia, xenolalia, and echolalia
What is glossolalia?
Speaking in tongues
What is xenolalia?
Speaking in a language one has never spoken before.
What is echolalia?
Repeating whatever is said to the person.
Schizophrenics may become this
catatonic (noun is catatonia). They experience mutism while in this state.
Old term for schizophrenia
dementia praecox
The ability to bend a person's body and have them stay in that position.
Cereaflexibilitas aka "cerea" aka "wavy flexibility"
A schizophrenic who engages in speech but there is no sense to what they’re saying.
Word salads
An abnormal sensation of the skin in the absence of any stimulus. Most common described as a sensation of insects walking on one’s skin.
Originates in the brain
Psychoses which result from brain trauma:
hypoxia, alcohol psychosis, dementia, delirium
What is hypoxia?
A reduction of oxygen to the brain
What is dementia?
A permenant loss of brain function. Happens in old age.
What is delirium?
A loss of intellectual functioning that is temporary
a person who exhibits tremors among other things. A manifestation of extreme drunkenness
delirium tremens, aka "The DT's"
Feelings of persecution
paranoia (noun is paranoiac)
Another name for bipolar disorder
manic-depressive psychosis
A disorder involving amnesia
Fugue disorder. The person assumes a new identity and starts a new life.
A person has trouble remembering events BEFORE the trauma.
A person has trouble remembering events AFTER the trauma.
Person can remember things you wouldn't normally remember and yet remembers minute details of other things
Selective memory