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where do the right common carotid and the right subclavian arteries come off of?
brachiocephalic artery
what supplies blood to the connective tissues of the lungs, but is not a major source of blood to the pulmonary alveoli?
bronchial artery
what structure forms the anterior wall of the oblique pericardial sinus?
the left atrium
list the structures that the arcuate ligaments cover
a) median
b) medial
c) lateral
median- aorta and the thoracic duct

medial- psoas major and minor

lateral- quadratus lumborum
air in the pleural cavity
can mean fluid in the lungs or inflammation of the pleura
what does the thoracic duct drain?
all regions except upper right quadrant (right head and neck)
what do the posterior intercostal arteries branch off of?
thoracic aorta
where does the hemiazygous vein drain into?
azygous vein
at which vertebral level does the esophagus enter the abdominal cavity?
8th thoracic vertebra
which fibers are responsible for quiet expiration?
elastic fibers of the lung
function of the intercostal muscles
maintaining the tone and elasticity of the intercostal spaces
what innervates the diaphragm
phrenic nerve
what are the terminal branches of the internal thoracic artery
superior epigastric artery and musculophrenic artery

also, the first couple of intercostal arteries