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Occipitalis O
occipital and temporal (mastoid) bones
Occipitalis I
galea aponeurotica
Occipitalis F
fixes aponeurosis and pulls scalp posteriorly
Masseter O
zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch
Masseter I
angle and ramus of mandible
Masseter F
Primary mover of jaw closure: elevates mandible
Omohyoid O
superior surface of scapula
Omohyoid I
hyoid bone, lower border
Omohyoid F
Depresses and retracts hyoid bone
Pectoralis minor O
anterior surfaces of ribs 3-5 ( or 2-4)
Pectoralis minor I
coracoid process of scapula
Pectoralis minor F
with ribs fixed, draws scapula forward and downward; with scapula fixed, draws rib cage superiorly
Brachialis O
front of distal humerus; embraces insertion of deltoid muscle
Brachialis I
coronoid process of ulna and capsule of elbow joint
Brachialis F
A major forearm flexor (lifts ulna as biceps lifts the radius)
Pronator teres O
medial epicondyle of humerus; coronoid process of ulna
Pronator teres I
by common tendon into lateral radius, midshaft
Pronator teres F
Pronates forearm; weak flexor of elbow
Flexor pollicis longus O
anterior surface of radius and interosseous membrane
Flexor pollicis longus I
distal phalanx of thumb
Flexor pollicis longus F
Flexes distal phalanx of thumb
Adductor longus O
pubis near pubic symphysis
Adductor longus I
linea aspera
Adductor longus F
adducts, flexes, and medially rotates thigh
Vastus intermedius O
anterior and lateral surfaces of proximal femur shaft
Vastus intermedius I
as for rectus femoris
Vastus intermedius F
extends knee
Semimembranosus O
ischial tuberosity
Semimembranosus I
medial condyle of tibia; through oblique ligament to lateral condyle of femur
Semimembranosus F
extends thigh and flexes knee; medially rotates leg
Fibularis longus O
head and upper portion of lateral side of fibula
Fibularis longus I
by long tendon taht curves under foot to first metatarsal and medial cuneiform
Fibularis longus F
Plantar flexes and everts foot; may help keep foot flat on ground
Flexor digitorum longus O
extensive origin on the posterior tibia
Flexor digitorum longus I
tendon runs behindmedial malleolus and splits to insert into distal phalanges of toes 2-5
Flexor digitorum longus F
plantar flexes and inverts foot; flexes toes; helps foot "grip" ground