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Geniohyoideus origin
mandibular symphisis
Geniohyoideus insertion
body of hyoid
geniohyoideus action
draws hyoid forward
Sternohyodeus origin
first rib cartilage
sternohyodeus insertion
sternohyodeus action
draw hyoid posteiorly
sternomastoid origin
manubrium of sternum
sternomastoid insertion
lambdoidal ridge
sternomastoid action
turn head, depress snout
cleidomastoid origin
mastoid process of temporal bone
cleidomastoid insertion
cleidomastoid action
turns head, depress snout
clavotrapezius origin
lambdoidal crest of occipital bone
clavotrapezius insertion
clavotapezius action
draws clavicle forward, helps flex antibrachium
spinotrapezius origin
spinous process of thoracic vertebrea
spinotrapezius insertion
fascia covering supra and infra spinatus and spine
spinotapezius action
draws scapula postierally and medially
acromiotrapezius origin
spinous process of axis to 3rd thoracic vertebrea
acromiotrapezius insertion
metacromium and spine to scapula
acromiotrapezius action
draws scapula medially