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Extracellular fluid is made of what?
Intercellular fluid and plasma.
What are Cristae?
Folds of membrane in mitochondria that increace the cells efficiency.
What is the only organelle that has its own DNA and some RNA?
What is Lipofuscin?
Pigment found in the long lived cells that is made of residual body leftovers.
What are the functions of the skin?
Protection,Thermoregulation, Communication (sensory receptors), Synthesis/ secretion, immune defense.
What is the name of the cell that skin is made of ?
Describe the Stratum Germinitivum.
Single row columnar or cuboidal cells that are active mitotically. Between epidermis and dermis.
Describe the Stratum Spinosum
Several layers bound to each other by desmosomes had keratin fibrils.
Describe the stratum granulosum
three to five layers of flat cells that have coarse granules (lipid and keratohylaine) Functional barrier to water.
Describe the stratum lucidum
Translucent, only visible with thick skin (on heel) flat, and no nucleus, dead.
Describe the stratum corneum
flat non nucleated cells that are keratinized, thick cell membrane, tough barrier to movement across skin, dead cells.
What is the long name for skin?
Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium.
What are melanocytes?
Branched epithelial cells that synthesize pigment,basal layers of skin and in hair follicles. (germinitivum)
Three skin color factors
Melanin, carotene, and blood vessels
What are langerhan cells?
In Stratum spinosum and they are a type of macrophage, phagocytic and mononuclear.
Describe the papillary layer of the dermis.
Can hold 4-5% of blood supply (regulate heat) made of conncetive tissue, named for the wave like projections into the epidermis, vascular and nerve endings here, the ridges are responsible for fingerprints.
Describe the reticluar layer of the dermis.
Deep layer that is rich in fibers and is dense irregular connective tissue.
What is the subcutaneous layer made of?
loose Connective tissue and fat cells, binds the skin to the underlying organs.
Another name for subqutanous layer
superficial fascia
Name the parts of the hair.
Cuticle, cortex, medulla, and shaft.
What are nails made of?
Keratin and epithelial cells
Describe the merkel endings
end on merkel cells in the lower epidermis respond to fine touch and pressure.
Describe the Missners corpuscles
stack of flat cells in a capsule they respond to touch.
Describe the Ruffini corpuscles
thin spindle shape in lower dermis, on bottoms of feet etc..attached to collagen and respond to tension.
Describe the Pacinian (lamellated) corpuscles
large oval look like sliced onion, 1 nerve spreads out, pressure and vibration.
What are the cartilage cells called?
What is perichondrium?
The protective covering of cartilage.
What are three types of cartilage?
Hyaline, elastic, and fibrocartilage
Describe the hyaline cartilage
temporary skeleton for embryo, forms epiphyseal plate found in repiratory passages, ventral ends of ribs and the articular surfaces of bones.
Describe the elastic cartilage
elastic and collagen fibers, found in the external ear and the epiglottis
Describe the fibrocartilage
combines with hyaline and found in the vertebral discs and pubic symphasis.