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what is the origin and insertion of the omohyoid muscle
origin - SUPERIOR part of SCAPULA, just MEDIAL to the SCAPULAR NOTCH
insertion - INFERIOR border of the BODY OF HYOID
what connects the inferior and superior belly of the omohyoid muscle
a tendinous structure
what are the main contents of the subclavian triangle
-3rd part of the SUBCLAVIAN ARTERY (dorsal scapular artery)
-Accessory Nerve(#11)
-Brachial Plexus Trunks
Where is the brachial plexus located
-in between the anterior and middle scalene
-descends through the POSTERIOR TRIANGLE and passes between the FIRST RIB and the CLAVICLE and enters the AXILLA
is cervical plexus sensory or motor innervation
sensory innervation to the skin of NECK
how does the GREAT AURICULAR NERVE travel
-OBLIQUELY across to the angle of the MANDIBLE (where the body and ramus meet)
what does the great auricular nerve branch into
1. FACIAL BRANCH - supplies skin over PAROTID GLAND
2. AURICULAR BRANCH - supplies skin on auricle
3. MASTOID BRANCH - supplies skin around MASTOID region
which nerves innervate the posterior triangle of neck
-CERVICAL PLEXUS (lesser occipital, great auricular, transverse cervical, supraclavicular nerves)
what does the great auricluar nerve always lie with
external jugular vein
how does the occipital nerve travel
follows the POSTERIOR MARGIN of the SCM and ends up on the OCCIPITAL SCALP
what does the lesser occipital nerve innervate
auricle and occipital scalp
how is the transverse cervical nerve found (in terms of superficial and deep)
-deep to platysma
-crosses over SCM and divides into ascending and descending branches
what does the supraclavicular nerve divide into
1. MEDIAL BRANCH - supplies surface of manubrium
2. INTERMEDIATE BRANCH - supplies 2nd rib
3. LATERAL BRANCH - supplies shoulder area (deltoid)
what is the ansa cervicalis
-motor nerve complex
-formed from fibers of ventral primary rami of C1-C3
-forms the wall of the carotid sheath
what does the ansa cervicalis innevate
-infrahyoid muscles
which nerve does the ansa cervicalis travel with
HYPOGLOSSAL NERVE (but just for a short distance, and does not become functional part of the nerve)
what does the hypoglossal nerve innervate and where is it found
FOUND - crosses over external carotid artery, found in carotid triangle
what is the ansa cervicalis made of in terms of nerve fibers
ventral primary ramus of C1-C3 ( part of cervical plexus)
which muscle does the C1 fibers of ansa cervcalis innervate
thyrohyoid muscle
what is the geniohyoid muscle innervated by
ansa cervicalis
which muscles does the ansa cervicalis innervate
where does the phrenic nerve come from
C3, C4, C5
where and with what is the phrenic nerve ALWAYS found with
-on anterior surface of ANTERIOR SCALENE
-with TRANSVERSE CERVICAL ARTERY and SUPRASCAPULAR ARTERY (both are branches of thyrocervical trunk)
what does the brachiocephalic trunk divide into and where does this division occcur
right common carotid artery and right subclavian artery
which muscle divides the subclavian artery into 3 parts
(the subclavian artery lies deep to the anterior scalene)
where are the 3 parts of the subclavian artery in relation to the anterior scalene
Part 1 - BETWEEN its origin and the anterior scalene
Part 2 - POSTERIOR to the anterior scalene
Part 3 - LATERAL to the anterior scalene and extends to the 1ST RIB
what are the arteries of part 1 of the subclavian artery
-internal thorasic artery
-vertebral artery
-thyrocervical trunk
what are the parts of the thyrocervical trunk
suprascapular artery
transverse cervical artery
inferior thyroid artery (branches into inferior laryngeal artery and ascending cervical artery)
what are the arteries of part 2 of the subclavian artery
costcocervical trunk; branches into
-superior intercostal artery
-deep cervical artery
what does the subclavian artery eventually become and when does it become this
-eventually becomes AXILLARY ARTERY
-after it crosses over the 1ST RIB
what artery makes up the 3rd part of the subclavian artery
dorsal scapular artery
(travels through the BRACHIAL PLEXUS and to the SCAPULA)
which veins are found in the posterior triangle
external jugular vein
internal jugular
subclavian vein
where does the external jugular vein begin and en
-begins in parotid gland
-ends in subclavian vein
what 2 veins come together to form the external jugular vein
Posterior auricular (drains back of ear)
Retromandibular vein
does the anterior jugular vein drain into the subclavian
by going deep to the SCM
what does the jugular arch connect
the left and right anterior jugular veins
what is the major venous channel draining the upper limb
subclavian vein
where is the subclavian vein located
-passes ANTERIOR to the ANTERIOR SCALENE muscle
-this seperates it from the subclavian artery
what does the subclavian vein join to form the brachiocephalic vein
internal jugular vein
what are the tributaries of the subclavian vein
-external jugular vein (MAIN ONE)
-dorsal scapular vein
-anteiror jugular vein
what does the external jugular vein recieve blood from
transverse cervical vein
suprascapular vein
anterior jugular vein
what does the transverse cervical artery vascularize
trapezius and scapula
what is the difference between the transverse cervical artery and the transverse cervical nerve
-the nerve goes to the anterior triangle
-the artery goes to the posterior triangle
what does the deep cervical artery anastamose with
the occipital artery