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Interneurons (where, what, and how)
-in CNS
-takes info to CNS and brings back a synapse to interneurons
Ganglion (what)
collection of nerve cell bodies outside the CNS
Nucleus (what)
collection of nerve cell bodies inside the CNS
synapse (what)
connections b/t neurons
presynaptic (what)
neuron before a synapse
postsynaptic (what)
neuron after a synapse
electrical synapse (where and how)
-found in cardiac muscle
-ions pass through gap junctions
chemical synapse (how)
-neurological info transmitts from neuron to neuron or neuron to mucle using neuro transmitters
How does a neuron function at rest?
-neurons at rest are polarized
-net positive charge outside membrane and net negative charge in cytoplasm
How does a neuron function during a stimulus?
-stimulus makes neurons permiable to sodium ions and they enter the neuron
How does a neuron function when a stimulus ends?
-When impulse leaves a particular neuron, Na+ gets escorted back outside the membrane
Glial cells (where and what)
-in CNS and PNS
-protect and nurture other cells
What are the 6 types of glial cells?
1. Neurolemmocytes
3.satellite cells
4.ependymal cells
Neurolemmocytes (what and where)
-Schwann cells
-makes myelin sheath
-in PNS
Oligodendrocyte (what and where)
-makes myelin sheath
-supplies myelin for several adjacent neurons
-in CNS
What is the true function of myelin sheath? Why broken up in blocks?
-to make sure impulses go where you want it to go
-to increase the speed of impulse
Satellite cells (where, what)
-in posterior root ganglion
-outside CNS
-surround nerve cell bodies
-maintain and repair nerve cells
Ependymal cells (what and where)
-synthesize and circulate cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
-ciliated, helps circulate CSF
-along the edge central canal of spinal cord
Cerebrospinal fluid (what,how,where)
-cushons and protects brain
-collects metabolic wastes
-suppliments blood supply
-provides nutrients
-in and around brain and spinal cord
Astrocytes (what)
-create and maintain the blood-brain barrier (BBB)
Blood-brain barrier (what, how)
-keeps metabolic wastes out of CNS
-keeps some medicinal molecules out of brain
-surrounds capillaries in CNS (simple squamous cells-not perforated)
Microglia (what, how)
-"trash cans" of the CNS
-keeps CNS clean
-phagocytize metabolic wastes