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What is the foramen of the spinal cord and what is the dura sinus filled with?
-hole that is used for the spinal cord to pass through
-dura sinus is filled with adipose cells
What is the Posterior branch of the spinal cord?
-branch off spinal nerve adn go towards the posterior part of the body such as the back
What is the inferior branch of the spinal cord?
-Rami communicants
-part of the autonomic system
-runs to the sympathetic trunk ganglion
What is the anterior ramus of the spinal cord?
-branches off to the lateral parts of the body
-runs parallel (ex. in thoracic cavity, parallel to ribs)
-many brnahces
-branches run to body wall. Inferior to organs
What are mixed nerves?
-spinal nerves that make up both sensory and motor neurons
-posterior and anterior Rami contian both
What are Dermatome maps?
-Body is mapped out according to spinal nerves that run to a certain part of the body
-helps identify which spinal nerve/nerves are responsible for what part of the body.
Where do the Lumbar nerves run to?
-anterior part of the legs
Where do the sacral nerves run to?
-posterior part of the legs
What are the steps of a reflex?
-stimulus activates sensory neurons
-sensory neuron-->spinal nerve (posterior horn)
-motor neurons
-effectis cause the response
What is a monosynaptic reflex?
-requires no interneurons
-one synapse (motor and sensory neuron)
ex. knee jerk reflex
What are the steps of a knee jerk reflex?
-mallet hits area inferior to patella (kneecap)
-mallet distorts ligament and bends it back into fat which pulls on patella
-patella pulls on tendons
-tendons pull on Quad muscles in leg (stretch)
-impulses run to spinal nerve to posterior root to gray matter
-motor neurons sned impulse into spinal nerve, contracts muscles and flips leg out
What are muscle receptors?
-monitor the stretching of muscles and the overlapping of filaments
What are stretch receptors?
-pull on the muscle
How is white matter organized in the spinal cord?
-in bundles of interneuron axons (in Tracts)
-transports sensory information from body to the brain
-some contain axons with interneurons
-carry interneurons to the brain
What do motor tracts do?
-carry impulses away from the brain
What does it mean that pathways of the brain are reversed?
-right side of the brain controls left side of body and vice versa
What are the steps necessary in order to remvoe a tack?
-step on tack with left foot, causes pain
-pick up left foot, stiffen right leg for balance
-reach down and remove tact with right hand, left hold foot
-bend neck to focus on tack
Where does the impulse go after stepping on a tack?
-impulse goes from foot to calf, pelvis, spinal nerve, and spinal cord.
-ends at L1
What are the muscle reflexes involved after stepping on a tack?
-contract muscles in calf and thighs to get foot to move
What is the path of the impulse after stepping on a tack?
-sensory neuron synapse with interneurons from posterior horn to anterior horn
-interneurons synapse with motor neurons and the axon goes back to foot