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What are red nuclei used for and what does it contain?
-used for posture reflexes
-high in iron content
What does substantia nigra contain, what is it's function, and what does it use?
-high in melanin content
-performs graceful skeletal muscle movement
-uses dopamine as neurotransmitter
How is Parkinson's disease caused adn how can it be controlled?
-caused by the lack of dopamine
-can be controlled by L-dopa (dopamine precursor)
-Dopamine can't cross the BBB
What is the function of the reticular formation?
-keeps the brain aroused
-keeps the brain in a functional state
What are the pons?
-relay/transmission center
-several cranial nerves originate within pons
What is the medulla, what does it contain, and its function?
-transmission/relay center
-contains many nuclei that begin cranial nerves
-contains nuclei involved in autonomic regulation of vicera
-Inc/Dec heart rate and respiratory rate
-houses reflex centers
What is the cerebellum and what does it do?
-2 hemispheres
-coordination of skeletal motor impulses
-stores memeory of previously learned motor patterns
-adjusts muscle activity to maintain posture
-receives proprioceptive information
Where are preprioceptors found and what does it do?
-found in skeletal muscles
-also in tendons, ligaments, and synovial joints
- monitors thick/thin filament overlap
-measures tension placed on a muscle
What is the limbic system?
-"emotional brain"
-affects behavior and emotion
-principle part of brain involved in emotion
What's in the spinal cord?
-cranial nerves
-thoracic nerves
-lumbar nerves
-sacral nerves
-coccygeal nerves
-"tube" ends at L1
-nerves fan-out in cauda equina (horse's tail)
-nerves continue through vertibral foramena
What is the vertabral foramena?
-hole in center of spine that holds spinal cord
What is the Epidural space
-adipose tissue that protects cord from bone
What are spinal nerves?
-on either side of spinal cord
-attached by anterior and posterior roots---> each have rootlets--->connected to nuclei on spinal cord
Why is the spinal cord separated in half by sulci?
-lets us have more mobility and twists
What is the cervical plexis?
-place where several cervical nerves branch off and splice together
Where is the brachial plexus located and and where do they go?
-found in shoulder
-nerves go to arms
Where is the lunber plexus located and where do they go?
-in lower back
-nerves go to legs
Where is the sacral plexus located and where do they go?
-in pelvis
-nerves go to legs
What is the conus medialis?
-Where cord ends and caudal equina begins
Why do we have plexis's?
-If a nerve is diseases or damaged, can send motor info from another nerve to the area where the damaged nerve was
What is the grey matter in the spinal cord?
-anterior horn
-lateral horn
-posterior horn
-grey comissive
What white matter is in the spinal cord?
-anterior funiculus
-lateral funiculus (bulge)
-posterior funiculus
-white commissive (lets horns communicate)
What are the mixed nerves?
-somatic sensory (from senses)
-viseral sensory (from internal organs)
-autonomic motor (goes to internal organs)
-somatic motor (goes to muscles)
How do impulses travel to the spinal cord?
-impulses go through axons of sensory neurons, which go throuhg posterior root and end in posterior horn of grey matter
How do impulses travel away from the spinal cord?
-Dendrites of motor neurons start in lateral and anterior horns of grey matter and go out through anterior root
How do sensory and motor neurons communicate with each other?
-Through interneurons in cord