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Define the Sagital Plane
Sagital – divides the body into left and right. The mid-sagital plane passes through the main body and divides the body into mirror image halves.
Define the Tranverse Plane
Transverse – cross plan, this plane is horizontal to the bodies axis. It divides the body into superior and inferior.
Define the Frontal or Coronal plane
Frontal – coronal plane, divides the body into posterior and anterior.
We can identify specific body regions
Axial portion consists of head neck and trunk (thorax abdomen and pelvis)

Appendicular portion consists of the limbs
The Body Has Two Main Body Cavities
Dorsal Cavity and then Ventral Cavity
The ________ cavity contains the cranial cavity (holds the brain) and vertebral cavity (contains the spinal cord). The dorsal cavity is located on the posterior surface, between the occipital that follows the course of the spinal column to the coccyx.
The________ cavitycontains the thoracic cavity (chest), the diaphragm and the abdominopelvic cavity. The ventral cavity is located on the anterior surface.