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Posterior Pituitary Gland
(neuronhypohysis)secretes which two hormones
Oxytocin and ADH
What is oxytocin
Paraventicular nuclei- hormone in neurophysis that stimulates milk ejection and uterine contractions.
What is ADH
Superoptic nuclei-Antiduretic hormone increase peremability of kidney tubules to water, results in waters conservation through decrease urine output, homestastis of blood volume, blood pressure, and heart rate.
Naturally produced morphine-lie compound secreted by anterior pituitary
Beta-endorphines and Enkephalins
What two hormones control the level of GH released and where are they secreted from
GNRH and somatostatin in the hypothalamus
The secretion of GnrH by the hypothalamus will stimulate the anterior pituitary to secrete
FSH and LH
List Hypothalamus release, pituitary releases, and the gland that it secretes
Coritsol-CRH-Corticotrophins Releasing Hormone-ACTH-adrenal cortex
Testosterone-Ant. Pit- LH-LH acts on the interstitial cells of the testes.
Parathyroid-PTH Hormone-thyrocalcintonin-into blood stream
Steps in Angiotensin System
(hint 10)
decrease in blood volume
decrease in blood pressure
juxtagomerular appartus detects change in BP.
Angiotenesis is converted to Angio I.
Ang I is converted to Angio II.
Widespread, vasconstriction and release of aldosterone.
Increased permeability of the kidney tubules to sodium.
Osmoreceptors change is detected by post.pit.
ADH is released.
Increased permeability of kidney tubules to H2O .
What happens when adrenal medulla is stimulated
increased cardiac output and dilated coronary blood vessels.
What are the effects of cortisol
causes widespread vasocnstriction and decreases capillary permeability and inhibits osteoblas synthesis
What is function of parathyroid hormone
stimulate osteoclast activity
another function fo PTH
stimulating the reabsorption of calcium
What is function of MSH
stimulate melanocytes production of melanin
the adrenal cortex secrete which hormones
cortisol and aldosterone
FSH stimulate whatin the male and female
female-oogenisis and follice cell philiferation
What hormone is responsible for the development of primary sex characteristics
Oxytocin is to___ as prolaction is to milk ___
ejection, production
What is the funciton of LH in male and female
male-interstitial cells of testes.
females-follicle cells-Estrogen and Progestron and ovulation
Following structures that arise from male, female
Genital tubercle- male-glas penis, female-clitoris
Genital fold-male-shaft of penis, female-labia minora
Genital swelling-male-scrotum, female-labia majora
What are the steps in the female cycle
Day 1 Menstruation
Negative Feedback E&P levels fall off.
FSH from Ant Pit
Follicle cell proliferation
LH from Ant Pit
Stim follicle cell to produce E& P
stim endometrium thicken
Day 14
Positive Feedback
E causes a urge in LH
P is increased; maintaining endometrium than E
As levels of P fall off, endometrium shed.
erythropoietin sitmulates what which means
erythropoiesis, Red blood cell production
thymosin is secreted by and stimulates
thymus, production and differientiation of T-cells
what stimulates the production of erythropoietin
kidneys detect a decrease in partial pressure of oxygen
alpha cells secrete what in response to low BS and stimulate
glucagon. glucogenolysis-break of glycogen
beta cells secrete what in response to high BS and stimulate
insulan. glucogenolysis and cells take up
cortisol stimulates the process of glucogenesis in response to low BS
or inhibility to use glucose