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Ligs Attatching to Patella
base: quad femoris tendon
apex: patella ligament
Medial Collateral Ligament of Knee
medial femoral condyle to medial surface of tibia
(stabilise joint, hinge movements)
Lateral Collateral Ligament of Knee
lateral femoral condyle to lateral surface of fibular
(stabilies joint, hinge movements)
To test for MCL integrity
MCL tightens in full extension. Hand on medial ankle, hand on lat side of knee. pull ankle lat..
Anterior Cruciate Ligament
ant. facet of intercondylar area of tibia to intercondylar fossa of femur. Ascends posteriorly. Prevents femur sliding backward on tibia.
Posterior Cruciate ligament
post. area of intercondylar area of tibia to intercondylar fossa of femur. Ascends medio-anteriorily. Prevents femur sliding forward on tibia
Medial - Lateral Menisci
under weight bearing load, menisci, maintain position of femur on tibial plateau & distributes forces bu increasing surface area & decreasing friction.
Superior Tibiofublar Joint
Middle Tibiofibular Joint
Distal Tibiofibular Joint
- Synovial Plane Non-Axial
- Syndesmosis
- Syndesmosis