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adductor pollicis
A: adduct thumb
N: median & horizontal ulnar
O: lat. epicondyle humerous
I: alecranon process
A: elbow extension
N: radial
abductor digiti minimi
A: abduct pollux
N: ulnar
flexor digiti minimi brevis
A: flex 5th
N: ulnar
opponens digiti minimi
A: flex, abduct 5th
N: ulnar
lumbricales (4)
A: flex mcp joint, extend ip
N: 1,2 median 2,3 digit
3,4 ulnar 4,5 digit
dorsal interosseous (4)
A: abduct 2 3 4 5
N: ulnar
palmar interossei (3)
A: adduct 2 4 5
N: ulnar
extensor carpi ulnaris
A: extend wrist, adduct ulnar deviation
N: radial
pectoralis major
O: medial 2/3 clavvicle, sternum
I: Gr. tubercle humerous
A: flex shoulder, adducts shoulder, internal rotation
N: medial & lateral pectoral nerve
teres minor (rotator cup)
O: lateral border scapular
I: gr. tubercle
A: external rotation
N: axillary
teres major
O: inf. scapula
I: lesser tubercle humerous
A: internal rotation
N: lower scapular
O: coracoid process
I: medial humerous
A: flex adduct shoulder
N: musculocutaneous
biceps brachii
O:long-supraglenoid tubercle
short-coracoid process
I: radial tuberosity
A:long- wk. shoulder flexion
long&short- flex, supinate elbow
N: musculocutaneous
O: lower 1/2 humerous
I: ulnar tuberosity
A: flex elbow
N: musculocutaneous
triceps brachii
O: long-infrsglenoid tubercle
lateral-post humerous
medial-post lower humerous
I: alecronon process
A: elbow extension long-should ext
N radial
pronator teres
O: medial epicondyle humerous
A: pronate (radius over ulna)
N: median
flexor carpi radialis
O: medial epicondyle humerous
A: flex, abduct wrist (radial deviation)
N: median
palmaris longus
O: med.epicondyle humerous
A:wk wrist flexor
N: median
*missing in 15% of population
flexor carpi ulnaris
O: medial epicondyle humerous
A: flex, adduct wrist (ulnar deviation)
N: ulnar
flexor digitorum superficialis
O: medial epicondyle humerous
A: flex wrist & digits
N: median
flexor pollicis longus
A: flex thumb, wrist
N: median
flexor digitorum profundus
A: flex wrist & all digits
N: radial half 1,2 median lateral
ulnar half 4,5 ulnar medial
pronator quadratus
A: pronate
N: median
A: flex elbow
N: radial
extensor carpi radialis longus, brevis
A: extend wrist, abduct radial deviation
N: radial
extensor digitorum
A: extend 2-5, wrist
N: radial
extensor digiti minimi
A: extend 5, wrist
N: radial
abductor pollicis longus
A: abduct thumb, extend
N: radial
extensor pollicis brevis
A: extend thumb
N: radial
extensor pollicis longus
A: extend thumb
N: radial
extensor indicis
A: extend digit 2, index finger
N: radial
A: supinate arm
N: radial
abductor pollicis brevis
A: abduct thumb
N: median
flexor pollicis brevis
A: flex thumb
N: median
opponens pollicis
A: flex, abduct thumb
N: median
Levator Scapulae
O: transverse processes C1-C4
I: scapula medial border
A: elevation
N: dorsal scapular nerve
O: ligamentum nuche, spines of C1-C4
I: acromium process, scapular spine, anteriolateral clavicle
A: elevation, retraction of scapula
N: spinal accessory
Rhomboids (minor & major)
O: spinous process min C7-T1 maj T2-T5
I: medial border of scapula
A: retract scapula
N: dorsal scapular
serratus anterior
O: lateral ribs 1-8
I: medial scapula anterior side
A: protracts scapula
N: long thoracic nerve
pectoralis minor
O: ribs 3-5
I: corocoid process
A: protracts scapula
N: medial pectoral
latissimus dorsi
O: T6-12 spinous process
I: floor of bicipital groove
A: adduct shoulder,extend shoulder, internal rotation
N: thoracodorsal
O: spine of scapula, acromium process, lateral 1/3 clavicle
I: deltoid tuberosity
A: flexes, internal rotation (ant)
abducts (middle)
extends, external rotation (post)
N: axillary
subscapularis (rotator cup)
O: subscapular fossa
I: lesser tubercle
A: internal rotation
N: upper & lower subscapular
suprascapular (rotator cup)
O: supraspinous fossa
I: gr. tubercle
A: wk abductor
N: suprascapular
infraspinatus (rotator cup)
O: infraspinous fossa
I: gr. tubercle
A: external rotation
N: suprascapular