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I will never...
Fix the flaw, I'll let arguments be flawed!
Flaw answers never...
Attack the evidence b/c the evidence is treated as a given
Flaw answers always...
Go for the stupidest
What do I need to do to recognize flaw answers?
Accurately abstract the stupidity of the author
What are the 2 processes involed in answering Flaw Qs?
Recognizing the flaw(s) involved, and then recognizing which answer description best matches that flaw
What are the 2 ways you can answer Flaw Qs?
Recognize the flaw category and/or memorize the list of typical wordings for "CR" for the various types of flaws
What type of answers are Wrong Part traps in Flaw Qs?
Answers that claim that the evidence is insufficient, incomplete or not specific enough
Answers of Flaw Qs that go for secondary flaws are what type of trap?
Wrong Part trap

Always go for the stupidest!!!
In flaw answers...
Every single word/phrase in the answer MUST HAVE reference words/phrases in the Arg. that are being labeled, abstracted or described