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What are some of the reasons why we need to gather and study available data?
b/c ppl cant honestly remember
Identify and explain three reasons the three steps in conducting anaylsis of available data research
1. Deciding your research question
2. look for patterns
3. Accounting for the ‘context of production’
What are the 3 steps in (quantitative) coding?
Deciding ‘unit of analysis’ DV & IV
Devise categories for code book
Assign codes to each case
What are the differences between quantitative and qualitative methods of content analysis?
Quantitative methods -focus on the patterns by using coding and
(in-dept) understanding

Qualitative method - focuses on interpretative and the ‘cultural construction of meanings
In Goffman's study "Gender Advertisement" the major theme that he identifies is:
6 Patterns of Stereotypes of Feminist
- feminine touch
- function ranking
- licensed withdrawal
How do you anaylsis the cultural contruction of these themes?
Context of Production:
-Who produce the cultural artifacts?
-Who is the attended audience?
- What’s the purpose or the assumptions?
- What are the limitations or biases of the data?