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Anaphylaxis def
acute, generalized allergic rxn that stimulates several organ systems-cardio, resp, SYSTEMIC SEVERE FORM OF TYPPE I HS
Analyphatic shocki
anaphaylxis that results in hypotension w/ or w/o loss of consicousness occuring
Anaphylatoid reaction
looks like analyphyalsis, but when endogenous mediators of anaphylaix are released in vivo thru a non-immunologic mechanism
Some causes of A.R?
drugs, insect venom, food--must pay attention to signs and symptoms!
Some imp signs of A.R?
nausea/ithcing of nose and palate
high mucus secretion
ab cramping and eye sweleing/
once you see convulsions druing anaphylaxis how long until the t.o.d?
1 hr-w/ or w/o shcok from low blood volume, irrevsersible shock or cardicac arrhythmia
how should you clincally diagnosi an acute an.attack?
SYMPTOMS and a good physical history--look for hypotension, angioedema, or bronchiol obstructions, skin or in vitro testing to detect IgE response to allergen
How do you treat ana? (or a.r_
1. Aq Epi given I.M. or S.C. and repeated if necessary
2. check abc's for shcok..raise feet, give I.V. Epi
3. antihistamines for uticaria, agnioeema, and Gi
What is type II HS reaction
when the antibody is driected against cell surface or tisse (self) antigens interacts with complement or other effector cells to cause damage