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A meeting, date, agreement or engagement; usually romantic

A secret romantic meeting
The lovers kept their ___ despite the risk of getting caught.
To move in a quick, busy manner.

A gathering of material - usually at the back of a woman's skirt below the waist.
There was a great deal of ___ at the railway with baggage and passangers moving on and off the train.
Marked by imagination, initiative, and readingess to undertake new projects.

Having a strong desire for success or achievement.
An ____ young person is likely to go far in this company.
A very slow moving animal that lives in trees.

Not liking to work; laziness.
My mom says I act like a ___ on Saturday mornings because I like to stay in bed while my brother likes to go jogging.
A person given power or authority to act for others.

Transfer power or responsibilities to someone else.
The manager learned to ___ work to the people who worked for her.
Of or having to do with cooking or the kitchen.
After dinner I praised the chef for his ___ skills.
A very wealthy, powerful or influential person; especially in business.
Donald Trump is an example of a ____.
To give in and do something you really want to do (like eat 6 chocolate bars).

To engage or take part in something - esp. somthing good or fun.
I eyed the desserts but didn't ___.
Delicious, pleasant, attractive

Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste.
The tin was filled with ___ bits, and it made my mouth water.
Stand still, exist in a changeless situation.
The rainfall will ___ in the marsh.
A person from one's own country.

A colleague
I was happy to meet a ___ in a foreign land.
To make into a whole by bringing all parts together.

To open to people of all races or ethnic groups.
The teacher hoped to ___ the movie into his lesson.
A beginner, someone new to an activity
Ms. Havlin is a ___ in teaching.
A formal meeting or assembly.

A custom that everyone in a group follows.
The lawyers gathered in the ___ hall.

Shaking hands when you meet is a ___ observed when people meet.
Gentleness, mild character

Medical term meaning harmless
Thankfully the tumor was ___.
Wishing harm to others; having a harmful influence.
Voldemort is a ___ character.
A fellow member of a profession, staff or academic faculty

A work associate
The doctor consulted with his ___.
To read or examine typically with great care
To leaf through something/not look carefully
I will ____ a magazine while I wait.
Of or relating to barbering or being a barber
The floor was littered with hair as Bob continued his ___ work.
Charming; often in a childlike way.
The girl smiled in a ___ manner and reached for the candy.
A laborer; someone forced to do menial work.
He threw the shovel to the man and said, "Get to work ___."
To gather things together.

To put together materials from different sources.
I will ___ a list of witnesses for the for the court hearing.
Lying asleep or as if asleep; temporarily inactive.
For the moment the volcano was ___ but we knew that like a bear waking from hibernation, it was dangerous.
To chew or to grind together into a pulp
It is important for cows to ___ grass.
A regular customer.

Someone that supports, protects, or champions something.
I was a ___ of Big Fred's Diner until I found a cockroach in my soup - now I eat at Joe's.