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Where is LU1?
On the chest, 2 cun below the lateral end of the clavicle.
Where is LU5?
On the anterior forearm at the elbow crease, on hte radial side of the biceps tendon
Where is LU7?
On the anterior forearm, 1.5 cun proximal to the radial side of the wrist in a small indentation above the bony prominence of the styloid process
Where is LU9?
On the anterior wrist, on the radial side where the radial pulse is palpable.
Where is LI4?
On the posterior hand, in the fleshy web between the thumb and index finger.
Where is LI5?
On the posterior wrist, on the radial side at the base of the thumb in the anatomical snuffbox between the thumb tendons.
Where is LI10?
On hte posterior forearm, 2 cun distal to the elbow crease on the radial side on the extensor carpi radialis
Where is LI11?
On the posterior forearm, at the elbow crease on the radial side between the brachioradialis and extensor carpi radialis.
Where is LI14?
On the arm, slightly anterior and superior to the deltoid insertion where the bulge of the shoulder muscle tapers.
Where is LI15?
On the upper shoulder, anterior and inferior to the acromion in the indentation formed between the anterior and medial deltoids when the arm is abducted.
Where is LI20?
On the face, beside each nostril.
Where is ST3?
On the face, below the zygomatic arch at the horizontal level of the nsotrils and in vertical alignment with the pupils of the eyes.
Where is ST6?
On the jaw, 1 finger width anterior and superior to the mandibular angle in a concavity formed when the massater bulges.
Where is ST7?
On the side of the face, in the hollow just below the zygomatic arch and just above the mandible
Where is ST8?
On the head, slightly superior to the bulge of the temporalis muscle
Where is ST13?
On the chest, below the midpoint of the clavicle or 4 cun lateral to the midline.
Where is ST16?
On the chest, in the third intercostal space (between the 3rd and 4th ribs), 4 cun lateral to the midline, on a vertical line above the nipple.
Where is ST25?
On the abdomen, 2 cun lateral to the navel
Where is ST27?
On the abdomen, 2 cun lateral and 2 cun inferior to the navel.
Where is ST31?
On the anterior thigh, below the ASIS between the sartorius and the TFL
Where is ST34?
On the anterior thigh, 2 cun proximal to the superior lateral border of the patella between the rectus femoris and vastus lateralis.
Where is ST35?
On the knee, in the hollow inferior and lateral to the patella.
Where is ST36?
On the lower leg, 3 cun or 4 fingers distal to the patella on the anterior tibialis
Where is ST41?
On the dorsal surface of the foot at the ankle, between the extensor hallucis longus and extensor digitorum longus
Where is SP3?
On the medial side of the foot, proximal and inferior to the head of the first metatarsal at the juncture of the red and white skin