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What is lymph?
Plasma that has been pressed out of the bloodstream
What do T cells and B cells have in common?
They can't work unless their target pathogen is displayed by a macrophage
What types of edema are safe for massage?
If a client has fluid retention related to a subacute musculoskeletal injury or if they are confined to a bed or partially immobilized and risk of blood clotting has been ruled out.
What is lymphangitis?
An infection with inflammation in the lymphatic capillaries
When does HIV become AIDS?
When helper T cell levels drop to 200 cells/mL or below and indicator diseases begin to develop
How does an MT treat a client with systemic lupus?
During remission
What is an allergy?
An immune system reaction against stimuli that are not hazardous
What is edema?
Accumulation of fluid between cells
What is systemic lupus?
A condition in which antibody attacks are launched against a variety of tissues throughout the body
What is a dangerous complication of lymphangitis?
What causes mono in most cases?
Epstein-Barr Virus
What is a risk factor for people recovering from mono?
Damage to the spleen
How is mono transmitted?
Direct contact
What is leukemia?
A collection of disorders involving the production of nonfunctioning WBCs in bone marrow.
A person with SLE is likely to develop what?
Arthritis, renal failure, thrombosis, psychosis, seizures, inflammation of the heart & pleurisy
What causes the common cold?
Any of approximately 200 different viruses
When would you massage a person with the common cold?
Only after the fever has peaked
How is the common cold transmitted?
Being under psychological stress, having respiratory allergies & stage of menstrual cycle
What is the leading cause of death by infection in US?
What are the signs and symptoms of sinusitis?
Severe headache, swelling or puffiness around eyes or cheeks, fever, chills, sore throat, coughing, congestions & runny nose
What disorders are considered COPDs?
Asthma, bronchiectasis, chornic bronchitis & emphysema
Why does lung cancer have a poor prognosis?
It is difficult to identify early
How does an MT treat a person with sinusitis?
Massage is indicated as long as client is not in acute stage
What causes acute bronchitis?
Complication of cold or flu, bacteria, fungi, fumes, air pollutants, gastroesophageal reflux
What are the signs and symptoms of tuberculosis?
Fever, sweating, weight loss, exhaustion, chest pain, shortness of breath & stubborn cough
What causes chronic bronchitis?
Long term irritation to bronchial tubes
What are complications of flu?
Pneumonia & acute bronchitis
How does an MT treat a person with fever?
Fever is contraindicated
What does nosocomial mean?
Hospital acquired
Which disorder was also known as the white plague or consumption?
What are the muscles of respiration?
Intercostals, scalenes, serratus posterior inferior and diaphram
Which disorder can be transmitted through body fluid such as blood, semen, vaginal secretion, breast milk & can cross the placental barrier?