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What is the function of the spleen?
Phagocytosis of bacteria & RBCs & blood reservoir
What is the largest lymphoid organ?
What is the largest lymphoid vessel?
Thoracic duct
Where is the thymus located?
What are T cells?
Lymphocytes in the thymus gland
What is aquired immunity?
Immunity obtained after birth or from injections
What is artificial immunity?
Deliberate exposure to causative agents.
What is specific immunity?
Memory of harmful substances or bacteria
What is non-specific immunity?
General protection (skin, tears, etc)
What is complement fixation?
Destroys cells by permitting entry of water through a defect created in the plasma membrane.
What is an antigen?
What is an antibody?
Kills by agglutination
Where are Kupffer cells located?
In spaces between liver cells
Where are dust cells located?
Small air sacs of the lungs
What is eupnea?
Normal breathing
What is apnea?
Stopped breathing
What is dyspnea?
Labored or difficult respiration
What is hyperventilation?
Rapid & deep respiration
What is oxyhemoglobin?
Oxygen & hemoglobin
What is another name for the Adam's Apple?
Thyroid cartilages
What structures make up the upper respiratory tract?
Nose, pharynx & larynx
What structures make up the lower respiratory tract?
Trachea, bronchial tree & lungs