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Which project pri code is to return A/C to MC status?
Which project pri code is used to restore subsystems to PMIC status?
If an item is hi time, which code is assigned to it?
What does MILSTRIP stand for?
Military Standard Requisitioning and Issure Proceedures
What does FAD stand for?
force activity designator
What doe UMMIPS stand for?
Uniform Material Movement and issue Priority Sys.
What is FAD cat. I for?
What is FAD catagory III for??
What is FAD catagory IV for?
Reserve and Support
What does the Urgency of need designatior A?
Unable to perform
NATOPS stands for what?
Naval Air Training and Operating Proceedures
Natops manual are kept up to date two ways , which are what?
routine changes and interm changes
When is an FCF performed?
when it isnt possible to determine proper operation by ground checks.
What are the two types of maintaince manuals?
conventional and work package
What chemical is used in the lavatiories of aircraft to neutralize urine and waste products?
ammonium hydroxide
What chemical neutralizes battery acid?
sodium bicarbinate..aka salt
What is the primary cleaning agent for naval aircraft?
What is the manual for cleaning avionics?