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What is the Mission of Amphibious Warfare?
An ampibous operation is a military operation launched for the sea by naval and landing forces embarked on ships or craft, involving a landing on a hostile or potentially hostile shore.
Amphibious Warfare along with Special Operations, Mine Warfare, and Explosive Ordinance Disposal are subumed under the Navy's new what?
Expeditionary Warfare Division
What roles does the Expeditonary Warfare Divion Ensure the Navy is capabable of accomplishing?
Sea control ad maritime supremacy, power projection, strategic deterrence, forward nave presense, and strategic sealift
She Makes People Seek Fast Sluts
In support of the previous roles, specifically powerprojection and forward Naval Presence, what type of groups have been formed?
Expeditionary Strike Groups
What are Expeditionary Strike Groups Composed of?
a trditonal Amphibious Ready Group and embardked Marine Expeditoinary Unites (MEUs) as well as Crutiser/ Destroyer Escorts.
What are the commanders of ESG?
an Admiral or Brigadier General, who are embarked on one of the ships with a supporting staff
What do the Navy and Marine Corps team provide the nation with?
tethe only vehicle for self-sustainging forcible entry into regios where U.S. Access is contested
What must Amphibious forces must be capable of perfomring a wide range of missions such as ?
Providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to engaging in major combat operations such as occured during Operation Iraqui Freedom
Three-ship Amphibious Ready Groups consisting of ?
Consisting of a large-deck amphibious assault ship (LHD or LHA), and amphibious transport dock (LPDd), and dock landing ship (LSD)
What do they do?
carry the MEU and the helicoptersand amphibious assault vehicles that transport Marine Combat and support elements ashore. They also support the operations of the MEU's vertical/short take-off aand landing aircraft, both helicopter and fixed-wing that provide the MAGTF iwth integrated air support.
What are the phases of Amphibious Warfare?
Planning, Embarkation, Reherasal, Movement, Action
Describe Planning.
Planning phase encompasses the period extending form the issuance of the initiating directive by h establishing authority until embarkation. While planning occurs throughout the eintre operation, it is normally domianint in the period before the forces embark the ship. Effective logistics and combat service support are absolutely critical to the success of any amphibious operation. All consideration that lead to a successful operation should be dealth with in the planning phase, but may be modified by the result s of the rehearsal. These considerations include, but are not limited to:
a. assempbly and embarkation of personnel and material, based on the anticpated movement ashore
b. anticipated strenth of the enemy
c. climate and terrain of the area of operations
d. comminications capabilities
e. anitcpated lenth of supply lines
f. target dates
Describe Embarkation:
The embarkation phase is the perido druing which the forces, along with their equicment and supplies, are loaded aboard assigned shipping.
Describe Rehearsal.
Rehearsals are necessary to ensure the operation runs smoothly, and changes to the plan can be made based o nthe outcome of the rehearsals. A rehearsalmay consist of an actual landing or may be conducted as a command post excercise. During the rehearsal phase, the prospective operation is practiced for the purpose of :
a. testing ocmmunications
b. testing the adequcy and timing of the operations
c. evalutaiong the combat readieness of participating forces
d. ensuring all echelons of command are familiar with plans
Describe Movement.
Different elements of the ATF (Amphibious Task FOrce) move form points of embarkation to the Amphibous OPerations Area (AOA) druing the movement phase. This stage is completed when the various elements of AtF arrive at their assigned positions i n the AOA. During the movent to the objective area, the Navy uss deceptivem easures to confuse the enemy as much as possible.
Wgat are sine decotuve tactic used in Movement.
Some of these tactics include: disperion of forces, movemnt along separate roues, athe use of radio silence comgined with electronic deception.
What might a protecitve force of movement consist of?
a. LOng rancge, land based aircraft (P-3C Orion) and submarines that search for ahead of the battle group.
b. Carrier-based USW aircraft (SH-60B Seahawk) and ships to comgat the submarine threat
c. E-2C Hawkeye, to provide long-range radar detection against enemy aircraft
d. F/A 18 HOrnet ot engage enemy air threats
Decribe Action:
The action phase can consist of any type of amphibous operation.
What is the most difficult and primary type of action/
The Assulat. the assult phase begins whe n the AtF arrives in the operational area and is capble of beginning the ship-to-shore movment, and it ends ith the accomplishment of the AtF mission.
What is the assault sequence:
a. Preperation of the landing area by supporting arms (gunfire support, TACAir, and cruise missle strikes)
b. ship-to-shore movement of the Landing Force
c. Air and surface assault to seize the beachhead and designated objectives
d. Provisio nof supporting arms and logist/combat service support throughout the assult
e. Landing the remaint elements for conduct operations as required. This coud include the use of many different units andp latforms, suchas:
1. CH-46 Sea Knight and CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters from Amphibious Assault ships (LHA)
2 AAVs from Dock Landing SHips (LSD)
3 VStol aricraft (AV 8B Harrier, supporting troops with close air support
4 Tanks (M1-A1 Abrams and artillery (155mm howitzer, brought ashore on LCACs
To what does the order of these phases modify to if nan AtF is forward deployed or completing a follow on mission?
The sequence becomes, embarkation, planning, rehearsal, movement, action
What are the three Adjacent operations?
Pre-Assault, Subsidiary Landings, Supporting Operations
Describe Pre-Assault
These operations, conductedo nteh objective area, include recon, minesweeping, naval gunfire, airstrikes, underwater demolitions, and destruction of beach obstacles.
What are the three main purposes for these operations?
a. isolation of objective area
b. gain information about enemy positions
c. prepare an objective area
Describe Subsidiary Landins:
Conducted outside main ojective area to support he main effort. This opearaiton can occur before or after the main landing.
What are the pupose s of subidiary landings?
a. capture a specific position for use i nteh main landing
b. capture an area to deny its use the neemy in harming the main effort
c. induce a hositle raction thatwil favor the manin effor through deception
Describe Supporting Opertions:
Conducted to support the main landing in various ways. Normally conducted outside the area of operations of main landing ofrce.
What are some exapmoe of supporting operations?
a. assitance in gainging or maintaing air, ground, or naval supremacy
b. psycholocigcal and unconventional operations
What are the five types of amphibious operations?
Amphibous Assault, Amphibous Withdrawal, Amphibous Dmeonstrations, AMphibous Raids, Other Amphibious Operations
Describe Amphibioous Assault
The purpose of the amphibous assault is the establishment of an Landing Force on a hostile or potentially hostile shore
Describe Amphibious Withdrawal
The amphibious withdrawal inovle the extraction of forces by sea in ships or craft from a hotile or potientially hostile shore. A withdrawal from a hostile shore can be made as a result of termiation of an opeartion or the redeployment of untis to different areas. This is predetermined but the amphiboius withdrawl is based on the situation as welll as tactical and strategic considerations
Describe Amphibious Demonstartions
Amphbious demonstartions are conducted to decieve the ennemy with the exception of deluding the enemy into a course of action favorable to us. Several steps are taken to make the enemy bellieve that landing force is actially taking place. It can even include a partial shipt-to shore movement.
Describe Amphibious Raids.
An amphibous operation invovleing a swift incurison into, or tmepoaraty occupation of, an objective, followed by a planned withdrawal. Raids are conducted for such purposeds as : inflicting loss or damage, creation a dirversion, execution deliverate deception operations, destroyng enemy inforamtiaon gathering systems to maintain operational security, and captureing/ evactuationg indiviudal/ materail
Describe other Amphibious Operations
The capablilities of amphbious forces may be especially suited ot ocnduct other types of operations, such as noncomabatant evacuation operations and foreigh humanitarian assistance