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What three strains are aminoglycosides produced from?
Streptomyces spp, Micromonospora spp., and Bacillus spp.
Aminoglycosides are the drug of choice for...?
the treatment of serious aerobic gram negative infections in animals
Are aminoglycosides bacteriostatic or bacteriocidal?
What two chemical factors increase toxicity on the aminoglycosides?
increased number of free amino groups on the aminoglycosides and the more ionized the more toxic
What is the most ionized aminoglycosides?
What is the least ionized aminoglycoside?
What is the water and lipid sloubility of aminoglycosides?
high water and poor lipid solubility
What is the mechanism of action of aminoglycosides?
exert bacterial action by entering the bacterial cell wall and inhibiting protein synthesis