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AA that make Succinyl CoA:
What is Methionine involved in?
1C pathway and SAM cycle
How is Methionine made?
Homocysteine + 1 Carbon unit from N5-methyl-THF makes Methionine
What enzyme makes Methionine?
Methionine synthase - uses a cofactor Vit B12
What happens if Methionine synthase or Vit B12 are deficient?
Folate is trappd in N5 methyl THF because it's not used for making methionine.
AND Methionine gets degraded.
How is Methionine degraded?
Broken down to Homocysteine, then adds Serine to make Cystathione, then lose Cys to make a-ketobutyrate.
What happens to a-ketobutyrate?
Degrades to propionyl CoA then to Succinyl CoA
What is the USE of methionine?
Donates Methyl units by a energetic S-adenosyl methionine
3 things the SAM cycle is used for:
1. Making methionine
2. Making purines
3. Making dATP (thymidylate synthesis)
3 things the 1C folate pathway is used for:
1. Making phostphatidyl choline from ethanolamine
2. Methylating DNA
3. Making the cap on RNA
4. Making Epi from Norepi