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AA that make Pyruvate
Thr Gly Ala
Ser Cys Try Ala
AAs that are involved in 1-C pathway:
Thr -> Gly -> Ser -> Pyruvate
Enzymes used for converting between glycine and serine:
Gly -> glycine cleavage enzyme
Gly to Ser: Serine Methyl Transf
Ser to Pyr: Serine dehydratase
THF made by Ser and Gly:
N5 N10 methylene THF
Enzyme that takes Threonine to Glycine:
Threonine dehydrogenase - no PLP required
Enzyme that takes Glycine to NH4 + CO2
Glycine cleavage enzyme - no PLP, makes N5N10 methylene THF
Enzyme that takes Ser to Gly or vice versa
Serine Methyl Transferase
-Requires PLP
-Makes N5N10 Methylene THF
Enzyme that takes Ser to Pyruvate:
Serine Dehydratase - Requires PLP
Enzyme that takes Tryptophan to Pyruvate:
Trp -> Alanine -> Pyruvate via ALT - requires PLP
How does Cystine go to pyruvate
loss of sulfate