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What is the TAKS?
The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) is a primary and secondary education standardized test used in Texas to assess student attainment of math, english, science, reading, and social science skills required under Texas education standards.
What is the TEKS?
The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills provide a clear picture of what students should know and be able to do, thus providing a map of what should be assessed at each grade level. Alignment of the assessments with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills provides information about the attainment of the knowledge and skills of our students.
Why is teaching sometimes referred to as a "calling?"
A number of people enter teaching because they seek the personal satisfaction that goes with believing they are making a contribution to the world.
Why are induction programs so important to new teachers?
Successful induction programs can smooth the transition into the first year of teaching by providing special help and assistance to beginning teachers
Why is it important that you visit the school and ask questions prior to accepting the position?
You want to make sure that you were a good match for the job. Some schools through beginning teachers into the most difficult teaching positions, giving them an unreasonable number of classes to prepare for. Others nurture their teachers by providing induction programs in collegial support. When you interview for your first teaching position, ask about the existence of induction programs. If possible, talk with other new teachers in the school about the kinds of support they received.
What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of private schools?
1. Lack of a licensing requirement
2. Commitment to an ideal
3. Smaller school bureaucracy
4. Smaller classes with fewer students
5. Greater parental involvement
disadvantages: lower pay, lack of medical benefits
What are the five dimensions of teacher professionalism?
1. A specialized body of knowledge
2. Emphasis on decision-making
3. Reflection
4. Autonomy
5. Ethical standards for conduct
What types of knowledge do effective teachers possess?
1. Withitness
2. Overlapping: the ability to attend to more than one classroom activity at a time.
3. Caring: the ability to empathize with and invest in the protection in development of young people

4. Creating productive learning environments: environments that are orderly and focused on learning.
5. Good communication skills with parents or other primary care givers
Define reflection and understand why it is so important in our profession.
Reflection is being continually involved in the process of examining and evaluating your own teaching practice