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When was the French and Indian War?
Who was in the French and Indian War?
French with Indian allies fight against the British
Why did the French and Indian War happen?
Britain and France want control of the rich fur trade
Where was the French and Indian War?
The Ohio River valley
Results of the French and Indian War:
Britain defeats France at the battle of Quebec (1759)ensures they will win the war.Britain and Fance sign the treaty of Paris(1763). Britain now controls territory east of the Missippi river.
Pontiacs War
English explorers move west which starts a conflict with Native Americans.
Proclimation of 1767
English defeat Pontiac. They sight the Proclimation of 1767 that creates a boundary of the Appalachian Mountains Englis (British) stay east.Native Americans stay west.
Sugar Act & Stamp Act
These are taxes to raise money to pay for the French/Indian War. Taxed on sugar + legal documents (1763)
English colonists use petitions and boycotts to protest these taxes.
Townshead Acts (1767)
After the stamp act is repealed, Pairlament puts the townshead Acts into place. These taxes are on things like glass,cloth, lead, paint.
Boston Massacre (1770)
British soldiers that are living in the colonies get insulted and attacked my colonists. Soldiers kill5 colonists. First time colonists were killed.
Tea Act (1773)
Parliament keeps a tax on tea and colonists get angry
Boston Tea Party (12/16/1773)
Colonists dump tea into Boston Harbor to protest tax.
Intolerable Acts
Parliament tries to punish colonists with four harsh laws: 1.Close Boston Harbor 2.Restrict town meetings 3.British criminals to England/Canada 4.New Quartering Act - British soldiers live in houses
Quebec Act
Prliament gives land over to French Catholics -(Colonists get angry)
Two or more elements chemically bonded together
Formed when a solution is dissolved
The part of the solution that is being dissolved
The part of the solution that does the dissolving