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Shared beliefs, values, behaviors, etc. of a group
example: goverment, language, dress, jobs, food, etc.
When a couple marry, the husband is marrying into the wife's family
Descriptions of the people on the Island...
Friendly, don't speak Arabic (clue they are not in Asia, exchage gifts, straight hair, brown skin, wear little clothing, peaceful, fisherman, generous, smart, learn Spanish words, communitcate through sign language
What did Hiawatha learn from Deganawidah
How to love his enemies, even Ododarhon and the Onondaga and to be more peaceful
Most people believed Asia to be ______miles from Europe
10,000 to the west
Money and the system which people meet their needs
what do they produce?
what do they consume?
(jobs, system of money, buying, selling, etc.)
What happened to Magellan? Who took over? How was the voyage completed?
Magellan was killed in a battle against Philipino warriors. Juan El Cano took over as Captain. The voyage was completed after 3 years after they began and only 17 men had survived.
Similarities between the Iroqois League and the American goverment (2)
1. elected tribes people to represent them at meetings
2. held meeting to discuss problems and concerns
3. Had a written constitution
4. Worked to be peaceful
5. freedom
6. everyone is affected by laws
7. both were a democracy
name 3 inventions that made travel easier
larger ships, astrlabe (tells latitude), compass
Social Characteristics
-worked together
-hunters/gatherers were more war like
-farmers more peaceful
-basic group: clan
-many tribes were matrilineal
Columbus returned ___ more tiems to the new land but never_____.
2, accepted the fact that he didn't go to Asia and never got as rich as he had thought he would.
How did Ododarhon change after he talked with Hiawatha?
better way of thinking and living; less evil thoughts; more peaceful
His three shipes were named...
The Nina, the Pina, and the Santa Maria
Who were the Europeans fighting for in the Crusades?
The catholic church to regain the holy land in israel
Explain how America got its name.
Amerigo Vespucci was the first person to go to America and know where he was. A map maker name Waldseemuller, a map maker, named it after him. It stuck!
What system of goverment did the iroquois leage use and what was it about?
Confederacy with a written constitution; 50 chiefs (women) were elected to meet and discuss common problems
Why did Magellan want to make a voyage to the New World?
Wanted to find the Republic of Panama by sailing west; all water route to asia
3 basic types of goverment
-democracy: freedom to elect leader, people hold the power
-dictatorship: one persom has all the power
-monarchy:born into that position; king or queen
After this, no one knew who the land should belong to. The Compromise was _______ and it was decided by the p___. All lands to the West belonged to ____. All those to the East to _____.
The Line of Demarcation, Pope, Spain, Portugal
A group of people living in the same geographic area and share a common culture
Columbus was rejected ___ times before____ of_______ agreed.
4, Queen Isabella, Spain
what did hiawatha believe would make the tribes safe and powerful?
To be united and stay peaceful
to go all the way around the world
rule of conduct
What did Magellan name the ocean to the west of Soth America and why did he choose this name?
Pacific Ocean
Means peaceful
b/c it was calm and safe
People wanted these new items so they had to produce more items for trade. What increased greatly and what where were people going?
Manufacturing increased; as life got more dangerous, exciting, and focused on wealth, people left their country farms to work in cities
Where did Balboa explore? What was his position there?
Spanish Settlement of Panama. He was the governor there.
A series of religious wars
the crusades
After __ months of sailing, they finally spotted land. He named the Island _________.
3, San Salvador
Who noticed the ways of the Iroquois Leage and incorporated some aspects into the american goverment
Benjamin Franklin
When Columbus returned to spain, how was he treated?
He was treated like royalty and like a hero. He became the rich governer of the new land.
Native American Goverment
-no written laws
-governed by tradition
What did Vespucci Explore?
South America
Who inspired european countries to trade with asian countries?
marco polo-explorer who spent 24 years living in China and wrote alot about his journeys
What did this voyage do to Columbus's theory that one could get to Asia by sailing west.
It disproved the theory.
west is longer
costs more
more dangerous
Who was hiawatha? Why was he "half-crazed with grief"
Mohawk chief who's wife and seven of his daughters were murdered
How many men, ships were in Magellan's fleet?
5 ships, 237 men
Native American Fact about socities
different societies developed based on the enviroment (climate, resources, etc.)
Next Columbus sailed to ____ thinking it may be China. They he visited another island naming it ______.
Cuba, Hispanola
what did the war effort allow people to do?
see parts of the world for the and learn new ideas
Describe Vespucci's personality.
-liked reading, math, sailing, adventures
Native American economy
-some farmed
-some hunted and gathered
-primitive tols
-individuals did not own land (shared)
What did he discover while crossing over the land? What did he do when he made this discovery?
He discovered the Isthmus of Panama, mountain, swamps, animals, and a new ocean. He prayed and claimed the ocean for Spain.
Social characteristics
What groups are there and how do they interact with each other? (religion, education level, class, gender, race, age, location)
Items that were brought back to Europe include...and where did they come from?
spices, silk garments, other beautiful objects; China and India
ruling authority over a group purpose:organize, give directios, protect people, make law, enforce law
Tribes in the Iroquois League
Mowhawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca
increase in production of goods, improved education, population growth in cities, and achievements in architechture
commercial revolution