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2nd Continental Congress
Assembled in Phily to descuss what happend at lexington and concord and breed's hill. Some people wanted to fight and others wanted to quit fighting.
Lexington & Concord
April 18 1775 the colonist rebelled because they didn't like the intolerable acts. Paul Revere went to Lexington @ midnight to warn Adams and Hancock. They begain to fight and there were 273 casualties while the British were returning to Boston.
The French and Indian War purpose
The English wanted to the land for land speculation and the French wanted to make an all water route between them and there southern and northern colonies.
Treaty of Paris of 1763
The Treaty of Paris ended the French and Indian War
The French and Indian War
The French and Indian War was between some indians and the colonist and alot of indians and the French. They were fighting over the Ohio River Valley area.
Battle of Breed's Hill
British troops attack Breed's Hill by charging 3 times, on the 3rd time they won by capturing the hill because the colonist ran out of ammunition. 1,054 British were killed. The king desided to hire Hessians
Pontiac's Rebellion of 1763
When the indians become unhappy because they begain to get kicked of there land by the English so they start a rebelion but the English pays money to put down the rebellion,
Coercive Acts
These acts forced the colonist to obey. They were also called the intolerable acts. and ect.
Proclamation of 1763
This was made to pervant anymore fights beetween the Indian and the English.This stated that the English couldn't move west of the Appalaction Mtns.
The Boston Massacre of 1767
During the Boston Massacre tax collectors were afraid for their safety after what hade happened to the Stamp sellers.Boston troops were sent to the colonies.
Sugar Act of 1764
Raises tarrifs on foreign sugar, coffee, ect, and lowers tarrifs on foreign molasses.The colonist objected this act because it was taxation without representation.But only the merchants were affected and they often ran out of money quickly.
The Townshend Rebellion
The colonist responded to this act by boycott and refused to buy British goods and the Mass. Legislature sent a cercullar letter to the other colonies which says no taxation without representation, ect.
The Stamp Act
Was a law that taxed the use of all sorts of printed documents such as newspapers, diplomas, playing cards,ect. Everybody was affected.This law was passed to make money
The Stamp Act Rebellion
The colonist responded to the Stamp Act by writting petitions and the Sons of Liberty broke windows,stole many valuable goods, and mob violence.Because of this the British decided to repeal the act
Tea Act
This law said that the East India Company could see directly to American merchants.
Declaratory Act
This act was a state of power, not an exercise of power.It stated that British still had the power and control to tax the colonist.
1st Continental Congress
Meet to discuss the coercive act.They boycotted, told malitias to begain practising and...
Townshend Acts
This law indirectly taxed the colonist. This law was passed to make money and because the colonist didn't like direct taxing. They didn't think the colonist would mind because they weren't paying a tax just a hire price.This act taxed important goods like glass, paper, tea, things that the colonist used every day & didnt' produce themselves.
Tea Party
This is when the colonist dumped 15,000 pounds worth of tea into the Boston Harbor.
The Boston Massacre Rebellion
The colonist didnt' like the idea of having British troops around the whole time so they begain to treat them badly. On march 5, 1770 The massacre begain and 5 people were wounded or killed 3k and 2w