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Who was the American general who defeated the British at Yorktown?
George Washington
Who was the young Virginian that wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
Who was the richest man in the colonies from smuggling molasses?
John Hancock
Who was the British general that surrendered at Yorktown?
Gen. Cornwallis
Who was the king of Britain during the time of the Revolutionary time?
King George III
Who created the first political cartoon?
Ben Franklin
Who were the British mercenaries that were captured by Gen. Washington?
who was the British general that marched his troops to Saratoga to be captured
gen. johnny burgoyne
What british act closed the boston harbor
intolerable act
what were the sons of liberty willing to give up for freedom
lives, fortune, sacred honor
What army fought the British in the revolutionary
continental army
what british act caused the boston tea party
tea act
what is the sole purpose of government
to secure your unalienable rights
what did the british parliament pass to prohibit colonists from going to the ohio river valley
proclamation of 1763