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The first enslaved Africans were brought to America
to replace Indian workers who had died
The colonists were successful in protesting the British by
Boycotting, refusing to buy British goods
Because the Virginia colonists hoped to become rich, this caused....
the early Virginia colonists searched for gold and grew tobacco as a cash crop
New Jersey
The brother of Charles 1, james, gave this land to two of his friends
Rhode Island
Roger WIlliams and his followers settled here after leaving Massachusetts
New York
The king sent warships to seize this colony from the Dutch
The earliest southern colony. It grew from Jamestown
3 reasons why Europeans explored and colonized the Americas
1. to carry the message of Christianity to the Indians.
2. To get rich
3. To claim new lands for the king
Most successful method the colonists used to protest the British taxes
They refused to buy British goods
Becaused the British taxed its colonists to pay fo rthe French and Indian War, this caused...
Colonists to become unhappy with British rule and protested
This colony was divided into small farms and large plantations
Colony founded as a safe place for Catholics and also to make money from trade
Colony founded to help debtors. Others settled here as well.
Settled by Irish Catholics, German Lutherans, Jews, and Quakers to workship as pleased
Two battles in the War for Independence were victories for the Americans
Saratoga and Yorktown
Because some English people wanted religious freedom, this caused
Pilgrims founded colony of Plymouth in 1620 and the Puritans founded the colony of Massachusetts Bay in 1630
Who founded the American colonies to trade for animal furs
French and Dutch