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What does "dont fire until you see the whites of their eyes" mean?
dont shoot until they are in close range. In other words, dont fire until the whites of their eyes are close enough so you do not miss
What is the Quartering Act?
Colonists had to house British troops.
What is the Boston Massacre?
five rioters killed by British troops because of a snowball fight
What is the Boston Tea Party?
Patriots dressed up as Native Americans and dumped tea into the Boston Harbor as a protest against taxation on the tea
What are the Intolerable Acts?
series of measures designed to punish colonists
What is the First Continental Congress?
Declared Intolerable Acts void and enforced an embargo against british
What is a boycott?
refused to buy a product as a protest
If we refused to buy grapes from Canada, would that be an embargo or a boycott?
What is an embargo?
a ban on trade with another country
What is the militia?
a group of armed citizens
What are minutemen?
they fight in a minutes notice
How many were killed in the Boston Massacre?
5 rioters
What did the patriots dress up as for the Boston Tea party?
colonists had to house British troops. What is this?
Quartering Act
Where did they dump the tea?
Boston Harbor
What is pluralism?
numerous groups coexist in one nation
Is the United States pluralism?
yes we have many different groups living in our nation.
We are not trading with the British. What are we doing?
an embargo do you remember what it means?
well this one is obvious...its has men in it and minute so its men who can fight in a minutes notice
How do you remember pluralism?
there is the word plural so that means more than 1. So numerous groups live in one nation
How do you remember militia?
militia sounds like military so that menas they are armed citizens(a group of them)
Did the patriots have to pay for the tea they threw in the harbor?
yes of course :)
How do you remember salutary neglect?
well basically neglect means ignore. Hence hands off. You just remember England used this policy
How many Continental Congresses were there all together?
All papers carried a ___ required by the British. Fill in the blank and name the act.
stamp and this was the Stamp Act
documents used to conduct searches. What term is this?
writs of assistance
Did the British need permission to search a colonists house?
no they just barged in.
What did the british search for?
Who said "give me liberty or give me death"?
Patrick Henry
Who said the famous quote "and fired the shot heard 'round the world"
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Who said dont fire until you see the whites of their eyes?
General Putnam
Why did General Putnam say his famous line?
They were low on ammunition and didnt want to waste any. They could not afford to lose a bullet.
where did general putnam say his famous quote about the whites of their eyes?
on bunker hill
Who said "all men are created equal... with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"
Thomas Jefferson
what kind of smuggled goods could British find in colonists homes?
flour, tea, sugar, guns, tobacco, and anything related to that.
Spell General _ _ _ _ _ _?
General P U T N A M
What did they do in the first and second continental congress do?
The first declared the intolerable acts void and enforced an embargo on British and the second wrote the declaration of independence(maybe).
What is salutory neglect?
two word to remember hands off! its a hands off policy which England used with colonies
What is the Stamp Act?
All papers carried a stamp required by the British
What is the republic?
people exercise power through representatives
Who were the 2 most important people who wrote the declaration of independence?
Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin
Who led the Green Moutain Boys against British?
Ethan Allen
What did William Howe do?
he led British troops that occupied Philidelphia
Who was the author of common sense?
Thomas Paine
What General said don't fire until you see the wjites of their eyes?
General Putnam
What famous poem was written by Ralph Waldo Emerson
And fired the shot heard 'round the world
How do you remember that Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote the famous poem? (shot heard round...)
Anytime you hear the poem And fired the shot heard 'round the world you immediatly think RWE. Which stands for ROUNDtheWORLDandEVERYWHERE...RWE which also stands for Ralph Waldo Emerson. :)
What did we say RWE standed for?
ROUNDtheWORLDandEVERYWHERE which also means Ralph Waldo Emerson the man who wrote the famous poem(shot heard round)
Who was the author of the Decleration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
Who was the editor of the Decleration of Infdependence?
Benjamin Frankiln
who said give me liberty or give me death?
Patrick henry
How do you remember Patrick Henry said give me liberty or give me death?
its all about give give give so he deseves some pats on the back (PATrick Henry)
Who is William Howe?
he led the British troops that occupied Philidelphia
What city did the troops of General Howe occupy?
How do you remember Ethan Allen led Green Mountain Boys agaisnt the British?
Well when you think of his first name it rhymes with Green.... greeen..eeethan kinda:) so then you think green,Ethan Allen led the Green Mountain Boys
How do you know Thomas Paine was the author of Common Sense?
Pain hurts, thats common sense. GET IT!:) well if you dont paine wrote common sense he was the author
How do you remember what boycott means?
a boy was caught protesting he didn't want any tea (boycott-boy caught)
How do you remember what republic is?
to remember look at the word republic. It immediatly reminds you of elephant. Now elphants exercise and are powerful. So put teh puzzle pieces together. People exercise their power through representives.
List three demands gained by the Americans from the Treaty Of Paris
American Independence
American could fish off coasts of Canada
British removed all troops
List three demands gained by the Americans from the Treaty Of Paris
American Independence
American could fish off coasts of Canada
British removed all troops
How do you remember the three demands Americans gained from the Treaty of Paris?
the first one is AIR. So the first on is American Independece recognized. The second one remember is that A<mericans could fish off coast of Canada. Just remember that one after air. Next remember BRAT. British remove all troops. So when you hear treaty of paris think... air fish brat!
What were you supposed to remember when you hear Treaty of Paris
What are four causes for the American Revolution?
-forced to pay for the French and Indian war
-Taxation without representation
-Import control
-Quarrtering Act, Stamp Act, Proclamation of 1763, Intolerable Acts, Townshed Acts(all of these are just one reason)
List three of the most important battles in the American Revolution
Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle at Trenton/Princeton
Battle of Saratoga
Isn't that four?
hmmm that's what Mrs. Parsons put
Where was the shot heard round the world?
Lexington & Concord
How many cannons were taken from Fort Ticonderoga?
What were the cannons from Bunker Kill used for?
to drive off British from Boston
How many Americans died at Bunker Hill?
How many British died at Bunker Hill?
Who was the author of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
How many British died at Bunker Hill?
Who is general Burgoyne?
He led 8000 British troops in the battle of Saratoga
What did common sense have?
it urged independence
Who is Washington?
he is the head of the Continental Army
Is Washington an American or British General?
Howe a Brit or an Amer?
Gales a Brit or Amer?
Who is gage?
he is a british general who led the Lexington and Concord battle
Who is Genral Howe?
British Genral in charge of Battle of new York & Philadelphia
What did George Rogers Clark do?
American forts Ohio River Valley Vinecennes<<took over these forts
Nathanial Green, ____ Morgan and Marion fought in the?
John Paul Jones. Who is he?
naval admiral at a war at sea
Clinton was a Brit or an American?
Where did Clinton fight?
name the place the general fought at

-Lexington and Concord
-Philadelphia & New York
Name the place these Americans fought

-Nathanial Green/Morgan/Marion
-John Paul Jones
-New York & Philadelphia
-war at sea
How many British died at Bunker Hill
Who was the president of the continental congress at the time of the D.O.I.(decleration of independence)
John Hancock