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What is the French and Indian War and what is its cause or effect?
definition: A war between the British and French and some indians in North America over land.
What is the stamp act and what is its cause or effect?
definition:law passed in 1765 by British Parliament that forced people to pay tax on items such as newspapers and lefal documents.
Cause: the colonishts got mad that they had to pay tax.
What is boycott and what is its cause or effect?
definition:refusal to bye goods or have dealings with a country or other entity, usually to express dissaproval or force acceptance.
Cause:when the colonists boycotted, the goods, it made Britain mad.
Writs of Assistance
definition: written orders that allowed offiacials to conduct unrestricted searches for suspected smuggled goods: bank search warrants.
Cause: This also made the colonists mad
Sons and daughters of Liberty
Definition: Protest group of angry colonists that seized and burned piles of stamps.
Cause: They made the british mad by protesting
Boston Massacure
Definition: 5 colonists were shot by the british in an angry mob.
Cause: This made the colonists mad
Quatering Act
Definition: An act that required the colonists to pay for feeding and housing the British soilders
Cause: The colonists didnt like this
Commities of corrospondence
definition: Organized network for passing along news or British activity to the colonists
cause: it helped them in the war.
Intolerable acts/ coercive Acts
Unfair laws that Britian made agianst the colonies. Example: losing ports in boston
cause: the colonists begame angier
A form of government that england used.
Cause: They wanted freedom and not be ran under the parliament
definition: group of civilians declared by law to be called to military service to fight in emergencys
cause: This prepared the colonists for war.
What is the stamp act congress and what is its cause or effect?
Definition: Delegates from nine colonies met in New York to dreaw up a written protest.
Cause: When they protested afianst the British, it made them even more angry.