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This war was ended by the Treaty of Ghent
What is the War of 1812
This future president represented the Amistad Africans succesfully arguing that the men should be returned home and not to Spain.
Who is John Quincy Adams
Old Hickory
Who is Andrew Jackson
Signature battle was Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson
William Henry Harrison
30 days as president due to pneumonia caught at Inauguration Day
William Henry Harrison
President with the most children - 15
Who is John Tyler?
President who signed the bill annexing Texas
Who is John Tyler
The Whiskey Rebellion in this state was suppressed by an Army led by George Washington
what is Pennsylvania?
This rebellion over taxes on farmers took place in Massachusetts
Shays' Rebellion (Daniel Shays)
President who fought for the Oregon Territory with the slogan 54/40 or Fight.
Who is James Polk?
Treaty that ended the U.S. Mexican War
What is the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
President who refused to be sworn in on a Sunday leaving the US without a president for a day
Who is Zachary Taylor
Rumors that his death was caused by arsenic poisining, but seemed to be severe good poisoning instead
Zachary Taylor
President who opened trade with Japan (between 1850 and 1830)
Millard Fillmore
Person who assumed the presidency following his predesessors acute indigestion.
Millard Filmore
Secretary of State to Two Presidents
Daniel Webster
Daniel Webster was Secretary of State to these two presidents.
William Henry Harrison and Millard Filmore
President who is a distant relative of Barbara Bush
Franklin Pierce
Name of purchase of southern Arizona for $10 million
Gadsen Purchase
President who presided over the Gadsen Purchase
Franklin Pierce
President who left office in disgrace over the sneaky repeal of the Missouri Compromise who said "There's nothing to do but get drunk"
Franklin Pierce
The only bachelor president
James Buchanan
Chief Justice who delivered the Dred Scott decision
President who tried to secretly fortify for the civil war but had a vessel (Star of the West) shot at from the coast of North Carolina
Last president before Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln's First Party
Capital of the confederacy
Richmond, Virginia
Play on the night of Abraham Lincoln's death
Our American Cousin
First woman ever executed by the U.S.
Mary Surratt
Name of Lincoln's First Vice-President