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When a presidential instruction or executive order conflicts with a law passed by Congress,

A. the courts must make sure that the officials enforce the law.
B. the courts must make sure that the officials enforce the executive order.
C. the courts must declare the law null and void.
D. Congress must alter or amend the law.
According to the Constitution, in an impeachment the statement of charges of wrongdoing is formulated in the

A.Supreme Court
B. Senate
C. House of representatives.
D. The office of the Independent Counsel.
In the impeachment process, only the Senate has the power to

A.issue the statement of charges or wrongdoing.
B. reverse he decision of the House of Representatives.
C. try all impeachments.
D. determine the amount of fines or prison time to be served.
How many presidents have been convicted in the senate as a result of impeachment proceedings?

A. Three
B. Two
C. One
D. None
Who are the presidents who have been impeached by the house?

A. Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.
B. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
C. Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon.
d. Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton.
Scholars rank which president as the worst failure?

A. Washington
B. Buchanan
C. Lincoln
D. Truman