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The President
Natural Born Citizens - 35 years old - Resident for last 14 years
President and Vice President in same state?
Must be from a different state
What is the President responsible for?
Commander in Chief of armed forces - Administer the government programs - Chief Diplomat(Foreign Relations) - General Leadership (VETO)
What kind of men are usually President?
Old, Men, White, Protestant
Evolution of the Office
Consitutionally presidential power was limited.
The President has gained power through the course of history
The shift from an agrarian to industrial society. - Increased international involvement and globalization. - Individual efforts by holders of the office.
Whig Theory
a nineteenth century theory that the presidency was a limited or restrained office whose occupant was confed to expressly granted consitutional authority
Stewardship theory
a theory that argues for a strong, assertive presidential role, with presidential authority limited only at points specifically prohibited by law.
The Two Presidencies Thesis
Domestic vs. Foreign Policy - War Powers Act of 1973.
War Powers Act of 1973
Nixon Vetoes, Congress overrides. If president sends tropps, Congress must know within 24 hours. Congress can remove within 60 days.
The only national consituency
Speaks for american people - Mandate from the people - Policy setting advantage over Congress.
Relations with Congress
Party majority
Public Support
Presidential Approval Ratings
Honeymoon Period
Honeymoon Period
the presidents firsyt months in office, a time when Congress, the press and the public are more inclinded than ususal to support Presidential initiatives
The Force of Circumstance
Example 9/11
Choosing the President: Legitimacy
the idea that the choice of the president should be based on the will of the people as expressed through their votes.
Toward a More Democratic System of Presidential Election
Direct Primaries - 2008 - Open party caucuses - Electoral College vs. Popular Vote
Open Party Caucuses
meetings at which a partys candidates for nomination are voted upon and which are open to all of the partys rankd-and-file voters who want to attend.
Electoral College
need 270 electoral votes to win. House of Reps chooses if their is a 269/269 tie. Florida has 27 electoral votes.
The Campaign - Media and Money
Television - Debates and advertising
Press Coverage
Federal Funding
a strong showing by a candidate in early presidential nominating contests, which leads to a buildup of public support for the candidate.
Presidential Appointees: in all, thousands of apponteees.
The Exective Office, Presidents Cabinet, Heads of commisions and agencies
Executive Office of the President
the Vice President - The White House Office - Policy Experts
Presidents Cabinet
a group consisiting of the heads of the executive departments, who are appointed by the president and subject to confirmation by the senate
How many are in the Federal Beauracracy?
About 2.5 million people.