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Political Participation
a sharing in activities designed to influence public policy and leadership such as voting, joining political parties and interest groups, writing to elected officials, demonstrating for political causes, and giving money to political candidates
Factors in Voter Turnout
Registration requirements
Frequency of Elections
Party Differences
Factors in Voter Participation
Age, Education and Income
a feeling of personal non-interest or unconcern with policies.
a feeling of personal powerlessness that includes the notion that government does not care about the opinions of poeple like oneself.
Prospective Voting
thinks like i do, thats why i will vote for them. Closely match their own preferences
Retrospective Voting
Did what we waned him to do before, thats why we will vote for him. Oppose someone who has done something wrong or failed.
Conventional Forsm of Participation other than Voting
Campaign Activities
Community Activities
Lobbying Group Activites
Following Politics in the Media
Virtual Participation
Social Political Movements
active and sustained efforts to achieve social and policitcal change by groups of people who feel that government has not been properly responsve to their concerns.
Facts about social movements
they do not always succeed
protest are often calculated acts
protest movemenets seldom gain broad publi support.
but protests are often tolerated.

Most citizens take little in terest in participation exepct voting. Participation rates parrallel private influence.
Political Party
an ongoing coalitio nof interests joined together to get their candidates for publuc office elected under a common label.
Facts about Political Parties
- stable two party system
- single member districts
- evolve over time and through realighments
- tend towards moderation, seek the center
- They are fragmentd and ecentralized, local level activity
- red states
- wealty
- pro-business
- pro-life
- Christian Coalition
- Lower taxes
- Smaller Government
- Pro - Militar
- Conservative
- Gun Rights
- Blue states
- Liberal
- Big Government
- social security
- more programs
- gun control
- pro-choice
- pro-labor
- pro-environment
Party Centered Politics
election campaigns and other political processes in which political parties, not individual candidates hold most of the initiative and influence
Candidate Centered Politics
election campaigns and other political processes in which candidates, not political parties have the most intiative and influence
Why do we have a 2 party system?
single member election districts.
The Money Chase
term used to explain the activity of candidates who are forced to spend much of their time raising funds because of the high cost campaigns.
Hard Money
funding given by a political party and individual contributors to a candidate for office that is regulated by the campaign finance laws and must go directly to the candidate and can be spent as the candidate chooses.
Soft Money
process made possible by a lopphole in the campaign finance regulation which enables a contributor to give an unlimited amound of money to apoligical party. The money must be spendt only on party activities building membership, getting out the vote through ads and registratio ndrives, and advertising campaigns that raise public awarenesws about political issues
New Loophole
527's (PAC's.) Political Action Committee. Greenpeac,
the process in a campaign of pllacing aspects of the candidates partianship, policy positions, record and personality in the context of the voters ideal candidates.
What kinds of Wars are their for packaging?
- Air Wars: radio, television
- Ground Wars: on the street, handshakers
- Web Wars: media stories, bloggers
Hired Guns
modern day campaign organization constisting of consultans, pollsters, media producers and fund-raising specialists who charge for their services.
Hard Money Limits
Individual - $2000
Organization - $5000